Khloe Kardashian Claps Back At Criticism Of Her Hands: They’re ‘Beautiful Baby’

Gloves off! The reality star had something to say when a commenter tried to make fun of her hands.

Khloe Kardashian, 37, has risen above her fair share of criticism through the years, taking to Instagram to call out trolls and explain her feelings more than a few times over the years. And the star had another cool, collected comeback when one rude Instagram user tried to make fun of her for not showing her hands in an Instagram promoting her Good American jeans on Feb. 1.

Khloe looked high fashion in the photo as she modeled the baggy denim while topless, elegantly holding her arms across her chest to cover up. And while the pose was clearly a look, one salty Instagram user took to the comment section to accuse Khloe of hiding something. “Oh lord, she’s hiding her hands,” the Instagrammer wrote. But Khloe came back with poise, tying back, “lol never. My hands are beautiful baby.”

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian had the perfect response when a fan wondered if the star was hiding her hands in a new Instagram post. (Good American)

Khloe’s clap-back isn’t the first time she’s faced criticism for her stretched-out silhouette. The star’s hands were the center of attention back in Feb. 2021, when she was accused of using “Photoshop” to craft an “elongated” look in another ad, which you can see here. Khloe explained the photo magic behind the hyper-exaggerated look in a reply, telling a fan who wondered “why” her feet were “so long”.

Khloe Kardashian
The star is no stranger to having to defend herself from trolls online. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

“HA I’m cracking up!” Khloe tweeted. “4a few of those [Good American] photos, we shot on a camera lens that creates a stretching effect. The closer the object is to the camera, [the more it] will get elongated. So in some of my photos my feet/fingers look incredibly long. Not to worry! I still have normal size hands/fingers.” Making it clear, she reiterated, “It’s just the lens guys.”

Meanwhile, Khloe has been showing off her powerful side following ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s most recent paternity scandal. Last week, the star looked fit as ever while flaunting her back muscles in a workout Instagram. Showing her progress with before and after shots, Khloe captioned the buff photo saying, “About 3 months apart, let’s go we are sculpting my back and arms.”

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