Willem Dafoe Plays Naughty Version Of Belle’s Dad In ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Sketch On ‘SNL’

Belle and the Beast, played by Pete Davidson, use the magic mirror to watch her dad get into some kinky stuff while he has the cottage all to himself!

Willem Dafoe, 66, brought his comedic talents to Studio 8H on Saturday Night Live and he definitely didn’t disappoint! In one of the more hilarious sketches, the veteran actor played a naughty version of Belle’s dad, Maurice, in a riff on Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. All alone at the cottage while Belle (played by Chloe Fineman) is confined to the castle with the Beast (played by Pete Davidson), the elderly inventor decides to get into a little kinky action to pass the time.

Willem Dafoe played a naughty version of Belle’s dad from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on SNL. (Will Heath/NBC)

As Belle and the Beast watch through the magic mirror, they see Maurice lighting candles and making sure to turn down photographs of family members on the mantel as he says in a concerned voice, “Don’t look at me!” Belle appears confused as the Beast says he knows exactly what is happening. Maurice then puts on some music and dances around before flogging himself with a whip! Soon all the beloved characters from the animated film — Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts — join in on watching all of Maurice’s risqué follies. Catch Willem’s zaniness in the video above!

Willem was announced to be making his SNL hosting debut via Instagram on Jan. 18. “Willem Dafoe hosts with musical guest Katy Perry!!!” the caption for the official show’s account read, attached to a Post-It style image boasting both of their names. The scheduled appearance comes just weeks after the release of his latest Marvel film, Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside  Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Maurice puts on music and dances around before flogging himself with a whip. (Will Heath/NBC)

Thanks to the magic of the MCU’s multi-verse, the movie marked a reprisal of Willem’s iconic Green Goblin (real name Norman Osborn) from the 2002 movie Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire. The movie, which also saw the return of both Tobey and Andrew Garfield‘s versions of the super-hero, has been a massive box office success raking in over $721 million at the U.S. box office.

Returning to the franchise wasn’t a hard decision for Willem, but there was one caveat: he didn’t want to simply make a cameo, and — despite being 66 — he wanted to do his own action. “It’s fun to do the action sequences, it’s fun to have resources,” he said to GQ in June 2022. “It’s really fun to do those things because they’re pure. They’re pure because what you’re doing is what you’re doing. And your heart and mind follow…I make a lot of budget-challenged movies. So it’s nice to have all the technical stuff to work with,” he added.

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