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Kanye West Plans To Dress Homeless People In Yeezy’s New Line & Have Them Walk In Fashion Show

Kanye West has big plans to have homeless people wear his new Yeezy collection down the runway during fashion week.

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Kanye West, 44, is always full of ideas and his latest plan is to have homeless people wear his Yeezy clothing line down the runway during fashion week. Kanye wants to help the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and to do so, he has partnered with the street brand, Skid Row Fashion Week.

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Kanye West. (Bebeto Matthews/AP/Shutterstock)

The founder of Skid Row Fashion Week, David Sabastian, told TMZ that he and Kanye met while the rapper was recording “Donda 2” at his studio which was right near Skid Row. It was then that the pair suggested collaborating on a new line involving both their brands.

David’s brand helps the people living on Skid Row by employing them to work in their factories. Plus, a portion of the clothing brand’s profits is donated to homeless people on Skid Row.

According to TMZ, 100% of the profits from the Yeezy line, which launches on Feb. 22, will be donated to help the homeless people on Skid Row. In order to help the people in need, the profits will aim to hire people to work at the Skid Row Fashion Week factory.

Once the clothing line drops, David and Kanye plan to have the homeless people model their clothes during fashion week. What’s more, the two designers even want to incorporate items from actual Skid Row into the fashion line – including, according to TMZ, a “trash bag puffer jacket.”

Kanye is always collaborating with unique brands so we are not totally shocked by the news, and the perfect example is, just recently, Kanye collaborated with Gap and Balenciaga on a limited edition collection.