Will Forte’s MacGruber Fails To Diffuse Bomb In ‘SNL’ Sketch With Kristen Wiig

'MacGruber' is back! Wille Forte revived the beloved character for a hilarious 'SNL' sketch on Jan. 22 alongside Ryan Phillippe.

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Will Forte, 51, brought MacGruber back to Saturday Night Live! Fresh off the opening monologue, the show went right into the sketch which featured Will as the title character and former co-star Kristen Wiig as Vicki and Ryan Phillippe in a Bank Control Room. “If we don’t dismantle the C4 explosive, this building is going to explode sky high — 60 seconds!” Vicki declared to Will’s MacGruber.

“Okay, don’t worry gang — we can do this if we work together as a team. I know this whole COVID situation is really changed the game, so we gotta be smart about this. We’re in a small room with very limited airflow,” he explained calmly over the alarm. “Great thinking, MacGruber!” Vicki said, as she handed him the can. Kristen and Ryan also handed over their masks, which Will’s MacGruber lit on fire.

“MacGruber, what are you doing?” a confused Vicki said, noting she “really wanted to wear that mask.” Will’s MacGruber felt he could “finally breathe” as he reminded them he’s “vaxxed and relaxed.” Only problem? The vaccine card read Fizer, not Pfizer — prompting Vicki to wonder what vaccine he act. “If there was a P in front of Fizer, it would be Puh-fizer.”

Will Forte’s MacGruber made a re-appearance on ‘sNL.’ (NBC)

He then admitted he wasn’t vaccinated, after all. “Okay, fine, I’m not you bunch of Karens — I’m not getting that stupid shot, alright,” he said. “I don’t want the government putting a tracking advice in my scrotum…I have a brain and let me assure you, I’m totally anti-semitic,” he declared, meaning to say he was asymptomatic.

“We may not agree on this hoax vaccine, but one thing we can agree on is that I know how to diffuse bombs,” he then reminded them — but it turns out it was too little too late, as the bomb went off. Whoops!

Beyond Will’s initial SNL sketch run with MacGruber, the character spawned a highly popular Super Bowl ad in 2009. A year later, Lorne Michaels produced a film starring Will as MacGruber along with Kristen’s Vicki and Ryan’s Piper. The iconic character has been most recently revived for a Peacock series that premiered back in December, and per Will’s opening monologue, has been picked up for season two.

On the Jan. 22 show, MacGruber appeared for a second appearance where he once again assured his friends that he had things under control (all while wearing a cut-out face mask). “Don’t worry — I heard your concerns and I’m following all the protocols,” he said, noting the hole in his mask was to avoid “breathing in” toxins.

“There’s no reason to be scared — I’ve done a ton of research and I’m following the science now.” He then ingested several pills and drank bleach from a straw in a bizarre series of moves. He admitted he didn’t have COVID, but horse worms and herpes. “Punked!” he said on the worm situation, proceeding to eat them (turns out they were spaghetti).

“The bomb!” Vicki then reminded. “My information is 100 percent QAnon insane –” he got cut off as the bomb went off a second time. Oops!

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