‘RHOC’: Heather Dubrow Slams Noella Bergener For Giving Teen Daughter ‘X-Rated’ Card Game

On Wednesday's episode of 'RHOC,' Heather Dubrow expressed her discontent with Nicole Bergener's 'questionable' card game gift she gave Heather's 17-year-old.

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Heather Dubrow, Nicole Bergener
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On Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange CountyHeather Dubrow didn’t take to well to Nicole Bergener‘s card game gift she gave to Heather’s 17-year-old daughter Max. “We came home and Max opened her presents and Noella kind of gave her kind of a questionable gift,” Heather said, speaking about her party thrown to celebrate Max’s book I’ll Give It to You Straightish, a work highlighting her experience as a bisexual teen.

“[It was] a Pride-themed card game, which is very nice,” Heather explained, acknowledging that Max and Nicole are both bisexual. “And that’s great, [but] Max is 17.” Heather then read cards off to Gina Kirschenheiter as the cards’ contents were bleeped out from containing so many expletives. “It’s basically pornography. It’s not appropriate,” added the mom of four.

Heather Dubrow, Nicole Bergener
Heather Dubrow & Nicole Bergener face off on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ (Nicole Weingart/Bravo).

After the episode aired, Heather then provided more context on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World. “They bleeped out a little more than was necessary. Maybe we could just bleep out less. How about that?” the former Malibu Country actress said, before reading off certain X-rated lines on the cards Nicole gave to Max.

“‘Whatever straight people do for fun,’ ‘licking that p—y right,’ getting your ass ate,’ ‘having your titties sucked while sucking on titties,’” she read. “Those are just some of them but I mean, isn’t that enough?”

Heather Dubrow
Heather Dubrow on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ (Nicole Weingart/Bravo).

The 53-year-old went on to share that her teen opened up her gifts from the housewife in front of her friends at school — a situation that made it all the more awkward. “Could you imagine them going home to their parents and saying what happened at the Dubrows’ house?” she asked. Although she admitted her kids were “more mature” these days, it still didn’t change her opinion on whether that kind of gift should have been dropped into the hands of her teenage daughter.

“It’s just something that an adult can’t give a child,” she stated. “You just can’t give that to a child.” The entrepreneur then teased that her feud with the RHOC newbie was ongoing. “First you lie about me, now you’re s–t-talking me behind my back and now you give my kid this inappropriate gift. I’m good with this,” she said on the podcast. “I wasn’t self-righteous, like, ‘How dare she?’ I was like, ‘That wasn’t cool. Who does that?’”

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