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David Arquette Loses It With Laughter Over Ex Courteney Cox’s ‘Gross’ Bangs On ‘Scream 3’ — Watch

Courteney Cox said 'there was nothing worse' than her bangs on 'Scream 3,' which her ex-husband and co-star David Arquette got a kick out of.

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Courteney Cox & David Arquette
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Exes Courteney Cox, 57, and David Arquette, 50, bonded while promoting their new Scream movie on The Drew Barrymore Show. The formerly married pair and co-star Neve Campbell, 48, appeared on Drew Barrymore‘s talk show via Zoom on Monday and shared laughs while discussing Courteney’s unpleasant bangs that she donned to play Gale Weathers in 2000’s Scream 3.

“Each Scream I would try to come up with a different look for her that was just over the top gross, or ugly or too much,” Courteney said. Neve reminded the Friends alum about her unpleasant hairdo two decades back, which led to the trio cracking up together.

Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox in ‘Scream 3’ (Photo: Everett)

“Oh that was the worst. I forgot about that,” Courteney said about her Scream 3 bangs. “There was nothing worse. That was a big lesson in life because that will forever be on film. We only had one set. One set of bangs. I remember they were cut on the set.” Courteney went on to explain that the fake bangs were placed incorrectly on her head by someone on set, but she just had to roll with it.

“I remember that day because we were all like, ‘No they are good, really,’ ” Neve said with a laugh. David, meanwhile, could not control his giggling. “I felt so bad for you!” he told his ex-wife. The trio are all returning for Scream 5 alongside newcomers Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, and Jack Quaid. The original Scream film, which came out in 1996, marked the beginning of Courteney and David’s romance.

Courteney Cox & David Arquette

Courteney and David dated for a while, before they walked down the aisle on June 12, 1999 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California. In 2004, the pair gave birth to a daughter, Coco Arquette, who is now 17. They announced their separation in 2010, thought they weren’t officially divorced until May 2013.

The famous exes have remained on good terms over the years. When speaking of working on the new horror flick with his ex-wife, David told the New York Times, “It’s a cathartic experience to just be able to act opposite Courteney,” he said in the Jan. 5 interview. “It’s been 25 years of our lives. We’ve grown up together. We have a child together.”