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Gigi & Bella Hadid’s Reaction To Anwar & Dua Lipa Split: They’re ‘Definitely Sad’

Anwar Hadid's two sisters still want to keep their friendship with the 'Future Nostalgia' popstar going, even as the couple split.

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After plenty of times breaking up and getting back together, Dua Lipa26, and Anwar Hadid22, broke up seemingly for the last time on Tuesday December 21. Even though the relationship may have ended, Anwar’s sisters Gigi, 26, and Bella25, are hoping the pair can work out their issues, a source close to the family told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Despite the split, the Hadid sisters were close with the singer before she dated their brother, and they hope to keep their relationship.

The source said that unfortunately, it looks like Anwar and Dua’s relationship ended “for good this time,” but the girls had bonded long before the “Levitating” singer was their brother’s girlfriend. “Bella and Gigi were good friends with Dua before she and Anwar started dating. That’s actually how they began seeing each other in the first place. So they absolutely plan on maintaining their friendship with her,” the source revealed.

Bella and Gigi Hadid have plans to keep their friendship with Dua Lipa going even after her split from their brother. (shutterstock)

While breakups can be messy, the fact that they’re all still close just goes to show that Dua and Anwar ended things mutually. “Bella and Gigi are fiercely protective of their brother so the fact that they’re still on good terms with Dua, just goes to show that there’s no bad blood between them,” the source said. Still that doesn’t mean that they’re not hoping for the pair to turn things around. “They’re definitely sad about the whole situation because they look at Dua as a sister. Although Bella and Gigi are holding out hope that Anwar and Dua reconcile, they do believe that they’re done for good this time,” they continued.

Dua and Anwar called it quits after over two years together. The pair had first gotten together in June 2019, and they had a very strong bond, with the singer saying that her relationship with Anwar was the most “comfortable” she’d ever felt with someone else. A source close to the couple confirmed their split and told People that the pair were “spending time apart” and “figuring things out.”