Zendaya Cracks Up At Tom Holland Thinking Pete Davidson’s Dating Kris Jenner — Video

Zendaya couldn't stop laughing at Tom Holland after he thought Pete Davidson was dating Kim Kardashian's mom Kris Jenner. She felt so bad, she even called him 'sweetheart'!

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Tom Holland’s Spidey sense was way off! In a hilarious new video, the 25-year-old Spider-Man: No Way Home star made a couple of huge fails while trying to promote his new Marvel action thriller. Flanked by co-star Jacob Batalon, 25, and his girlfriend Zendaya, 25, the trio were in the hotseat for a round of Buzzfeed quizzes when Tom immediately flubbed it by calling Jacob “extra oil” instead of “extra loyal”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya attend Spider-Man: no Way Home premiere. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

The mishaps didn’t stop there, as Tom boldly asked if they can take another “buzz queed fizz”. Jacob almost fell on the floor laughing along with Zendaya, but the Euphoria star managed to compose herself enough to give her man a sweet, supportive hug. But when Tom called the quizzes “quizzees” Zendaya was done. She burst out giggling, repeating the wrong word over and over. She then gently put her head on his shoulder and grabbed his arm, saying “Ah, sweetheart”. It was the most adorable thing ever.

The real laugh riot, however, came towards the end of the video, where the three were asked to guess which famous people shared the same Zodiac signs. While Tom was looking on his laptop at the photos of celebrity choices, he exclaimed, “Aren’t they dating each other now?” Both Jacob and Zendaya quickly corrected him, saying “No, that’s her mom.” As all three cracked up, Tom turned his computer around to show a picture of Pete Davidson and Kris Jenner. As we all know, Pete has been romancing Kris’ daughter, Kim Kardashian.

With Zendaya referring to Tom as “sweetheart,” fans got a huge treat, as the cute pet name is a rare look into their dating life. Although romance rumors have long simmered since they first co-starred in the Marvel franchise, the pair avoided adding fuel to the fire for years. That is, until the they were photographed kissing in Los Angeles in July, causing fans to freak out over the undeniable proof.!

Once the snap-seen-around-the-world surfaced, it was obvious something had been developing between pair for quite some time. For how long exactly is still a mystery, as the adorable couple remain tight-lipped on the subject. Fans still get little snippets of their love affair here and there, though, as Tom has left a series of flirty comments on social media over the last few months, while Zendaya called him “very charismatic” in a recent InStyle interview.

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