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Kendra Wilkinson Reveals How Real Estate Career Helped Her Get Out Of A ‘Very Lost Place’

Kendra Wilkinson feels 'excited' as she pursues her passion for real estate on her new discovery+ reality show, 'Kendra Sells Hollywood'.

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Kendra Wilkinson was in a “very lost place” before she decided to switch careers. Thankfully, the 36-year-old star has since found a passion for real estate which she explores in her new discovery+ series Kendra Sells Hollywood. The reality TV star spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife and explained how she transitioned into such a new industry.

“It was a couple years of trying to figure out my life,” the blonde beauty said. “I didn’t think reality TV was coming back and I didn’t think fame was an option anymore. So I started to hang up my cleats, I kind of retired reality TV. I was in a very lost place and I took a couple years to get on my feet and start real estate.”

Kendra Wilkinson real estate
Kendra Wilkinson pursues her passion for real estate in ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ (discovery+)

The former Girls Next Door star is no stranger to iconic Hollywood homes. Now, as a newly minted real estate agent, she must prove she has the hustle to make it in the intensely competitive Los Angeles real estate market.  “I got into real estate for so many reasons,” the Kendra on Top alum shared. “I should’ve chosen it a little earlier to be honest with you. But the time aligned to commit to it and learn it and to enter it with the most amazing, most professional real estate brokers out there.”

The mom-of-two explained how she discovered the love for her newfound passion. “Who doesn’t have a passion for homes and real estate, before and afters, fixing up, and house hunters,” Kendra said. “It’s fun to enter someone else’s home and to be a part of the business. To learn how to stage, design, and sell the property and create some new friendships. This is a new life for me. It’s all working out for me and the kids right now.”

Kendra Wilkinson real estate
Kendra was in a ‘very lost place’ before she decided to explores her passion for real estate (discovery+)

Kendra Sells Hollywood is so much different than my last 13 years on TV. This time I actually have a job,” she laughed. “Before my job was to film a reality show but now I actually have a job. My show documents me entering the business, learning the business, learning who my partners are, and getting to know my new life.”

Follow Kendra’s journey on Kendra Sells Hollywood on discovery+ as she navigates the Los Angeles’ luxury real estate market.