Billie Eilish Is A TikTok Twerking Nurse In Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch – Watch

Funny girl! Billie Eilish perfected her twerk in a side-splitting parody of TikTok clips as she played a dancing nurse breaking it down in the hospital.

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Billie Eilish, 19, proved she can do it all, as she pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live! As both the musical guest and host for the December 11 episode, the “Happier Than Ever” hitmaker gave her fans a real treat in front of the live 30 Rockefeller audience. With a slew of Grammys already under her belt, the real surprise from Billie came from the effortless scene-stealing she did in the sketches, none more so than a hilarious twerking nurse on TikTok.

The pre-recorded bit had a simple set up: a rapid-fire scroll through parodies of popular TikTok clips. In it, Billie plays a nurse filming herself performing coordinated dance routines with a co-worker. Billie does a bit of the famous “Renegade” choreography in a hospital room while her patient lays in a bed. Later on, when the scrolling lands back on Billie, she’s twerking for her life while the patient gets in on the act as well.

Billie Eilish played a twerking TikTok nurse on ‘Saturday Night Live’ on December 11, 2021.(Will Pippin/NBC)

Twerking seemed to be a theme for Billie in the episode, as she also did it during a sketch about a hip-hop inspired musical. Playing the director of a local theater putting on a Christmas show, Billie tried to teach the actors playing the Nativity characters some “street” inspired dance moves to update the production. “When you land I want booty booty… watch me pop my butt! Can everyone see my butt?” Billie asked the cast as she dropped it low. She and her co-director Heidi Gardner then got the actor playing Jesus to twerk in his diaper. But first they had to pad his diaper with some hay to give him more of a “booty”.

Ahead of her SNL appearance, Billie shared the exciting news of her double duty gig to her Instagram, writing, “AHHHHHH!!! I’M HOSTING AND PERFORMING ON SNL!!! CRAAAAZY I COULD SCREAM!” This isn’t the first time she has graced the famed Studio 8H, as she was the musical guest for the 45th season premiere back in 2019. During her SNL debut, she stunned the crowd with an iconic performance of “bad guy”.

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