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Holly Robinson Peete Teases ‘Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper’ Revival: Mark Curry & Raven Symoné Want ‘To Do It’

Holly Robinson Peete has her fingers crossed a 'Hanging with Mr. Cooper' reboot happens soon as she teams up with her daughter to discuss ADHD awareness.

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Holly Robinson Peete, 57, is hopeful there will be a Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper reboot happening sooner rather than later since co-stars Mark Curry, 60, and Raven-Symoné, 35, are in. “He wants to do it,” Holly told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live alongside daughter Ryan Peete, 24, who partnered with More to ADHD to help raise awareness during ADHD awareness month. “Raven Symoné said she would do it, so we’re just waiting on Warner Brothers to give us a green light. I hangout with Mark Curry all of the time in real life. I still hang with Mr. Cooper very often and we are buddies ’til we die. I love it.”

The show was a smash hit back when it premiered in 1993 and moved to the ABC’s infamous TGIF Friday night line-up during season 2. The show centered around teacher and PE coach Mark Cooper, played by Curry, and his roommate Vanessa, played by Holly. The roommates also included Mark’s cousins, including Raven, who played Nicole and was practically a daughter to him. Mark and Vanessa eventually date and later become engaged.

Although the show was cancelled in 1997 after 5 seasons, Holly knows exactly where her character would be today. “I think Vanessa would’ve married very rich,” Holly said. “She’d be well taken care of and lots of Louboutins. Maybe she’d be on her third or fourth marriage now. Who knows. She was so much fun to play because she was so ditzy and loud and wrong all of the time, but she was so fearless and fun and I love the physical comedy. I miss jumping in trash cans and falling down and doing that kind of stuff. For me, her character was a total dream to play. I’m ready to put my Loubs and my knee pads and do my stunts.”

During the time of TGIF reboots from the 90s like Fuller House and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Holly explains where the process is. “We’ve been talking about it over the years for so many years and with so many reboots come and gone, it’s like, “Where’s Cooper?” Holly revealed. “I feel like it’s the natural progression of things. My fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to do it. There’s not a script yet, but we’re going to keep trying.”

But right now, it’s all about family for the actress! Her Hallmark movie Our Christmas Journey is loosely based on her autistic son’s life and her real life work alongside Ryan to raise awareness for ADHD, something she missed as a mother growing up. “I am a typical Virgo mom and beat myself up every single day. I’m a hot mommy mess and Ryan will tell you, I’m always like, “I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that,” Holly said. “I’m always that person looking in hindsight, but by the same token, I’m also someone who’s proactive and looking to pivot and support someone who’s dealing with what I’m dealing with who maybe had less access to resources and information. I’m a little bit of both which drives everyone a bit crazy in the house but it’s all good.”