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Bella Thorne Jokes She’s ‘Going To Be a Bridezilla’ & Reveals Why Wedding Planning Is ‘Going Slowly’

Bella Thorne, alongside her fiancé Benjamin Mascolo, opened up to HollywoodLife about preparing for their upcoming wedding!

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Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo have been on cloud 9 since their engagement on March 21st on the set of their upcoming movie, Time Is Up. Now, seven months into the engagement, Bella admitted to HollywoodLife that the couple has a “rough date in mind” but has yet to do much planning because of their busy schedules. “It’s going slowly but surely,” the actress told HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I already have three, four movies slated for next year, and Ben also has stuff slated for next year. So we’re both just in this odd place of having to work so much, and we really want time off before the wedding so that we can enjoy it.”

Bella added that it’s “already going to be a tough process” and joked that she is “going to be a bridezilla.” “We want it to be the best experience and not rush it, so we’re kind of in an odd place right now,” she said. When it came to Ben’s elaborate and thoughtful proposal, the Girl actress said she was “so surprised.” “We had talked about marriage before, so that wasn’t necessarily surprising. It was more so when it happened on set,” she explained. “It happened on the last take of the Time Is Up. He did the last take and then went into a very sweet, long written thing. It was really so special and to have the movie be this time capsule of our love.”

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo. (Shutterstock)

Benjamin added that he was thinking about how he would get down on one knee for a while, but “two weeks before wrapping, decided that would be the right moment.” “I only had two weeks to organize it and it was crazy, because I wanted something big and it was big — I had a whole team of people working on it!” the Italian actor explained. “The letter, I wrote it only a few days before because I want it to be very natural and spontaneous.”

So sweet! Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo’s first movie together, Time Is Up, is available on Video on Demand and digital platforms this Friday, Sept. 24.