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‘Floribama Shore’: Nilsa Admits She Almost Skipped Season 5 Vacation While Pregnant

Nilsa Prowant was extremely pregnant when she filmed season 5 of 'Floribama Shore' earlier this year. In fact, she almost didn't come back for this season at all!

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Nilsa Prowant gave birth to her son in May 2021, but just weeks before that, she was filming season 5 of Floribama Shore with her castmates. “Up until two days before we were supposed to be filming, I wasn’t going to go,” Nilsa admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I was like…this is too much. I’m too pregnant for this. There were too many unresolved issues between certain people, and I don’t want to spend my last couple of months pregnant in a hostile environment.”

It wasn’t until Aimee Hall finally convinced Nilsa to join them on vacation that Nilsa actually decided to attend. “She’s like, ‘I’m not doing this without you!'” Nilsa laughed. Season 4 of Floribama Shore aired earlier this year, but ended very abruptly in the middle of a vacation due to a COVID-19 scare. The cast members were forced to quarantine and stop filming before the show was actually set to end.

The group did come together again during a reunion special, but rather than resolving issues, the sit down only brought MORE tension to the table. Nilsa’s former hookup, Gus Smyrnios, brought up a problem he had with her from years prior. It led to Nilsa going into season 5 on bad terms with Gus, despite previously getting to a good place and becoming friends again.

“I was so caught off guard by all of it,” Nilsa revealed. “I have him blocked from everything. I just keep my distance and stay away and I don’t have to deal with it. I just kept my distance [while filming]. If he was over here, I’d go over there. We just kept our space and that was the best thing. No one else wants to be around all the fighting, so I just stayed away and let it be.”

Of course, there was also the never-ending tension between Gus and Jeremiah Buoni. The guys fought throughout most of seasons 3 and 4. Even though they ended up in a somewhat amicable place, the rest of the cast is still constantly on edge about whether or not a blow-up could happen again. “You don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen [with them],” Codi Butts explained. “A certain word Jeremiah says could trigger Gus and vice versa, and next thing you know, they go at it.”

Nilsa added, “That was another reason I was so hesitant going in. I was so pregnant and didn’t want them to start fighting again right in front of me and then have something happen. You never know what’s going to happen with them.” A new season of Floribama Shore premieres on Thurs. Sept. 16 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV, followed by Double Shot At Love.