Peloton Star Instructor Jess Sims Reveals How She Stays ‘Inspired & Disciplined’: ‘It’s About Consistency’

Jess Sims is always showing up for her Peloton athletes, helping them get that 'glazed donut' look right off the bat during her energizing classes. She spoke to HL about how she stays inspired.

Jess Sims
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Image Credit: Champion Petfoods

Jess Sims, her infectious smile, inspiring background and electrifying personality are mainstays at Peloton, where she is an instructor. Whether it’s a Treadmill Bootcamp or a running class, Jess is always on her A-game with an invigorating playlist and even more rousing words that take you out of whatever head space you might have been in, and replaces it with straight-up boss mode vibes. “I want to help other people, specifically, young women, younger women and older women, step into their own power, not being small, taking up space and owning their lives… taking control over the controllables,” Jess told in an EXCLUSIVE interview, while partnering with ACANA® Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs. “I just want people to fall in love with the process. There’s nothing that’s more inspirational to me.”

The former Harlem Village Academies Principal continued, “I will roll out of bed at 7 am and look at my phone at my DMs and I’m already tagged in so many things with people saying, ‘I just crushed your workout,’ ‘I just crushed your 20 minute run,’ and sometimes they’ll say, ‘I lost myself years ago, and through your classes, I’m finding myself again…’ Hearing how much I helped and how my classes have helped you get out of your head and into your body and into your heart — those are the biggest pieces of inspiration for me, that keeps me going on even my toughest days.”

When it comes to her advice on staying “motivated” or, as Jess calls it, “disciplined” (“Motivation is a sexy term, right?” she laughed), the Peloton star said it’s “all about consistency.” “Even on the days where I’m like, ‘You know what, I don’t feel like going hard.’ I might do a 10 minute class, I might do something super fun. I might take a dance cardio on the app or do a 20 minute low impact ride. And sometimes that’s all I have in me. And that’s okay!” Jess explained.

Peloton Instructor and “dog mom” to Shiloh and Sienna Grace, Jess Sims introduces new ACANA® Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs and offers advice to help families integrate activity into both their own lives and their newly adopted dogs’ lives as part of the company’s Forever Project. (Champion Petfoods)

Another point of consistency in her life are the fitness instructor’s two rescue pups — Sienna Grace and Shiloh! “I just absolutely love rescues and they are just so near and dear to my heart, so ACANA and I are so aligned in what they are doing,” Jess told HL. The dog-lover partnered with the company to help launch ACANA Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs; a first-of-its-kind dog food formulated specifically for the transition of dogs from shelter environments to their new forever homes.

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