Katie Thurston & Blake Moynes Reveal Why Planning A Wedding Is ‘Tough’ For Them Right Now

Katie Thurston spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her wedding plans with Blake Moynes after their romantic engagement reveal on 'The Bachelorette.'

Blake Moynes proposed to Katie Thurston during The Bachelorette finale, and now fans want to know: when’s the wedding? HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Katie and Blake about their wedding plans and taking their romance public.

“It’s so tough because we are citizens of different countries,” Katie told HollywoodLife about planning her wedding with Blake. “I’m moving to San Diego in a month. We’re going to Canada this week [where Blake is from]. So we have so many other obstacles to tackle first before we could even think once about a wedding. We do know it’s going to happen. We have no doubts about that. It’s just crossing different items off our checklist first.”

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes kiss after getting engaged on ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

Katie and Blake have had to keep their engagement a secret since The Bachelorette filming came to an end. Blake revealed that the couple has zero stress in their relationship, and they are loving life together.

“We joke around a ton,” Blake said. “We have fun and we’re always silly, but she’s able to on a daily basis just be very nurturing and mature and supportive. I don’t know, there’s just no stress with us, which is huge. I think for a lot of people stress is the #1 thing that can bring you down. We always zap that. We don’t have any stress when we’re together.”

Katie revealed on the After the Final Rose special that her family was finding out along with the rest of the world that she was engaged to Blake. Aunt Lindsey became a trending topic after she grilled Blake about his intentions with Katie before he proposed. HollywoodLife asked Katie how Aunt Lindsey reacted to the engagement news.

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston shows off her engagement ring after Blake’s proposal. (ABC)

“She’s very supportive. She’s actually very excited,” Katie said. “Blake is a lot like me, which then also means he’s going to fit in with my family just find. If he can survive Aunt Lindsay, he can survive anyone, anything.”

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