‘Little People, Big World’ Preview: Amy Seeks Out The Perfect Wedding Dress

Amy Roloff is on a quest to find the right wedding dress in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Little People, Big World.' She goes shopping with two of her friends who've also been married twice.

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Amy Roloff is in the midst of planning her wedding to fiance Chris Malek, and it’s time to look for wedding dresses. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the August 3 episode of Little People, Big World, Amy goes shopping for wedding dresses with friends Lisa and Deb. Both Lisa and Deb have been married a second time, just like Amy.

“Picking out a wedding dress is awfully daunting,” Amy says. “Every bride, whether young or older, wants to feel good in a dress, wants to be the star of the event, of course. I look at a lot of the styles and a lot of them would not work on me being a little person.”

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff tries on a wedding dress. (TLC)

Amy explains that she doesn’t want a skintight dress or a billowing one. She wants something in between. She tries on one, and her friends love the dress right away. They ask her how this dress compares to the wedding dress she wore when she married ex Matt Roloff.

“This is so different,” Amy says. Her first wedding dress was satin and puffy sleeves. The look was very ’80s, she adds. After looking at herself in this new dress for a while longer, Amy is really starting to love this gown. “I like this,” she says.

Both Amy and Chris have been in the midst of wedding planning. They will be getting married at Roloff Farm and even asked Matt to make sure it was still OK with him.

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff goes wedding dress shopping with her friends. (TLC)

“When both Chris and I were considering Roloff Farm, some of the cons for me was really the history that I have on the farm,” Amy admitted in the July 6 episode. “But this is where we met each other. We’ve had Christmas parties there, New Year’s parties, his friends have been there, so there’s a whole lot more pros for our life and our relationship than cons.” Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.