‘Teen Mom 2’ Season Finale: Bar Smith Gets Arrested & Leah Messer’s Tumor Grows

Ashley Jones' graduation party ended with gunshots and an arrest during the July 20 season finale of 'Teen Mom 2'.

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The July 20 season finale of Teen Mom 2 was jam-packed full of drama. Not only did Ashley Jones‘ longtime boyfriend, Bar Smith, end up in handcuffs, but Leah Messer received surprising news about the tumor in her breast. Want more? Let’s dive in!

It all started when Ashley and Bar started gearing up for her graduation party. But while she was getting ready to celebrate her achievements, Bar kept getting hit with bad news. First, he realized that he missed his business class midterm, which likely means he’ll flunk the class. He really had no excuses either, but he tried blaming it on having too much going on inside his head. Ashley rolled her eyes and said that’s not a good enough reason to miss a midterm.

Then, Bar found out that he’d have to serve 15 days in county jail for his prior DUI arrest. He was nervous to tell Ashley — for good reason — and again, he tried minimizing the consequence he’s facing, but Ashley clapped back and told him to do the time, while making sure that it doesn’t happen again.

But unfortunately for her, things just kept going from bad to worse. When it came time for Ashley’s graduation party, the decor was top-notch, but Bar’s behavior wasn’t. Not only did he guzzle down a humungous beer and a number of shots, but after the MTV crew left the party, Bar got arrested for “willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner”.

Meanwhile, Leah Messer finally got her test results after inquiring about the growing tumor in her breast. Fortunately for her, she won’t need surgery. Even though the tumor had gotten bigger since the last time she visited the doctor and was told it was benign, Leah’s doctor didn’t think it was anything to worry about just yet. So Leah shared the good news with her daughters and told them she may seek a second opinion in the future — but for now, she’s going to celebrate.

Later, Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez came to a new custody agreement, but it might not be the result either of them wanted. Kailyn tried desperately to settle their custody issues out of court, but Chris wasn’t happy with what Kailyn was proposing, and she wasn’t happy with what he was proposing (he wanted their two boys for the entire summer), but because of a court order, Kailyn wasn’t allowed to reveal what the judge decided. She did seem upset about it, though.

As for Jade Cline, she and Sean broke up yet again. But this time, they both said it’s permanent. They swear. No, really — they truly promise. And yes, that’s sarcasm. Apparently, Jade got so fed up with Sean that she told him to move out, and after he joined a buddy who’s living at a hotel permanently, some fans caught Sean on Tinder. After Jade found out, she laughed and said she felt embarrassed for him, but he later told a producer that it wasn’t him. Even so, he said he’s totally done with Jade and much happier without her. So what will happen to the engagement ring then? Well, he said he sold it for $500, so we guess it wasn’t really 3.5 carats after all.

Finally, Briana DeJesus tried getting Luis‘ parental rights taken away after Stella appeared petrified by him, but Briana was told she couldn’t do it. So she sulked and complained to her mom and sister, and that’s basically all that happened with her this week.

Want more? The Teen Mom 2 reunion special debuts next week, on Tuesday, July 27 at 8pm on MTV.

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