‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Sean & Jade Cline’s Dad Brawl As Her Painful Recovery Worsens

Jade's recovery from her plastic surgery procedures got even rockier during the June 15 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

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Jade Cline just can’t catch a break. But maybe that’s because she continues to surround herself with toxic people. And that was never more clear than during the June 15 episode of Teen Mom 2, when her boyfriend, Sean, got into a physical fight with her dad — all the while Jade’s recovery worsened.

Following last week’s dramatic episode, when Sean called an ambulance, Jade’s mom finally returned with her medication. But Christy had already done enough to disappoint Jade and things only got worse from there.

Not only did Christy, her husband, and Sean start verbally screaming at each other throughout the hour, but things eventually turned physical when Jade’s daughter Kloie claimed one of Jade’s parents threw a credit card at her. Sean didn’t even question the validity of the claim — instead, he just started attacking Jade’s dad, and Jade’s dad fought back, according to both Sean and Christy, who both later rehashed their version of the story to producers.

Later, when Sean took Jade to the doctor, he started cussing at producers and told them to stop filming him — or else he’d fight them, too. Jade screamed at him to stop while she limped into the doctor’s office, but he refused. And she’s still dealing with a lot of physical pain from her plastic surgeries, too, so she later admitted that she’s “heartbroken” about everything.

Meanwhile, Ashley Jones was forced to cancel her engagement party amid the ongoing pandemic. So instead of celebrating her and Bar‘s happy news with friends and family, they decided to go wine tasting together. But before they could do that, Bar needed to get good news in court, and fortunately for them, he did. Bar got his ankle bracelet off, but he is still on probation and must complete some community service and a DUI program.

Later, Luis told Briana DeJesus that he’d come to see their daughter, Stella, but as per usual, he never showed up. Shocker! Someone who did show up, though, was Jeremy Calvert. Leah Messer had planned a birthday party for their daughter, Addie, and he initially thought he wouldn’t be able to make it, but when he found out otherwise, he totally surprised Addie. In fact, she broke down in tears when he knocked on the door. Luis should take notes.

Finally, Kailyn Lowry revealed she’s starting a wallpaper line and Isaac will help create some of the designs. (Is it just us or does her storyline this season feel very inauthentic? It doesn’t gel with the rest of the cast’s storylines, and frankly, we’re bored.)

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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