‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Egypt’s Accused Of ‘Pimping Sam Out’ — Watch

Sam is doing OnlyFans to make some extra cash, and Savannah Jordan jokes that Eygpt is 'pimping' Sam out in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the 'Growing Up Hip Hop' season 6 premiere.

Egypt is pimping Sam out, and I love it. I’m here for it. To each his own. If y’all happy, I’m for it,” new cast member Savannah Jordan says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Growing Up Hip Hop premiere. Sam got an OnlyFans account to make money, especially Sam and Egypt really took a hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “There’s a lot of other hustles, man,” Jojo Simmons says.

Egypt explains why Sam is the one on OnlyFans and not her. “Sam is doing OnlyFans so I don’t have to,” Egypt says. “Even though I wouldn’t do it, and people are always going to talk so I’m not surprised by anybody’s reaction. It’s just like either subscribe or move aside.” She doesn’t care about what the haters have to say.

Sam in the ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ premiere. (WE tv)

However, Jojo has some other scores to settle with Sam. “Sam is trying to act super tough for all these people there, but I’m not here to talk about your OnlyFans. I want to see what the issue is between me and you and that’s it,” Jojo says.

The drama on Growing Up Hip Hop is hotter and more intense than ever this season. Angela Simmons is hot and heavy with a new love interest, but her family thinks she’s moving too fast and heading towards heartbreak. A battle of dueling weddings between Egypt and Tee Tee uncovers a shocking family secret that no one could have seen coming.

Egypt Criss
Egypt Criss defends Sam’s OnlyFans account. (WE tv)

Meanwhile, Savannah has her own secrets and catches the eye of Boogie Dash this season. Unfinished business between Briana and Boogie also comes to a head. Jojo teams up with Cree and Lil Eazy-E to put on an artist showcase with a star-studded lineup of hip-hop legends. Growing Up Hip Hop season 6 will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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