Dana Carvey Does Perfect Impression Of Joe Biden That Leaves Stephen Colbert in Tears

Dana Carvey had Stephen Colbert laughing nonstop while impersonating Joe Biden's 'sincere' speeches on 'The Late Show.'

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Dana Carvey, Joe Biden, Stephen Colbert
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Stephen Colbert, 56, laughed to the point of tears when Dana Carvey, 65, proved he’d be an incredible impersonator of President Joe Biden, 78, during his virtual appearance on the Mar. 23 episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The comedian did an on-point impression of the political figure after explaining he liked to focus on the way Joe seems to speak as “the gentle father of the country” in many of his “town hall” speeches. It didn’t take long for Stephen to start laughing the whole way through.

“He looks like the alien who came off the spaceship in Close Encounters,” Dana told Stephen before diving into his first impression. “Folks, come on folks, let’s get real. I’m not kidding around here,” he said while trying to imitate Joe’s voice and demeanor. He went on to talk about Barack Obama and Joe’s dad and mom in the similar voice and said some phrases Joe is known for like, “I’m not being a wise guy, here” and “no joke.”

In addition to Stephen, other people on his show could be heard laughing in the background and at one point, during a second impression, Stephen could actually be seen wiping tears from his eyes because he was in such hysterics. “Dana Carvey gets very detailed with his President Biden impression,” the caption of a Late Show tweet, which included a video of the impression, read.

Dana Carvey, Joe Biden
Dana Carvey did his best impression of President Joe Biden during his Mar. 23 appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stepen Colbert.’ (Shutterstock)

Once Dana perfected his impression of what he called “the sincere guy”, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to weigh in and agree that it was “perfect” and hilarious. “That is freakin’ adorable. (I love Joe!) The only thing Carvey missed is, his mom/dad calling him ‘Joey’,” one user wrote. “Perfect. Carvey had the best Bush impression and now Biden. I wonder how his Kamala Harris is?” another asked.

“He’s great! He looks great in his stand up on Netflix too. He’s definitely Benjamin Buttoning. Wish I was! Lol,” a third user exclaimed about Dana. “So right on but respectful of the President,” a fourth pointed out while another gushed that he’s “so talented.” Others shared laughing emojis and GIFs.

When Dana’s not making people laugh with his Joe impression, he’s doing so with his iconic Wayne’s World character, Garth. The actor teamed back up with Mike Myers, who played Wayne in the popular film, and Cardi B for a memorable Super Bowl commercial last month. In the funny ad, the guys sat down on their TV set while promoting Uber Eats.

“As a local access show, we want everyone to support local restaurants,” Wayne said in the Super Bowl LV commercial. “But, we’d never manipulate you the way all the other commercials do,” Garth responded. Subliminal messages, romantic slow-mo, and cute babies with the guys could then hilariously be seen. “Yeah, we’d never shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo,” Wayne went on to say before Garth said, “Right, Cardi B?” as the rapper showed up on their famous couch. “Yeah! Eat local!,” she exclaimed.