Chris Evans Reveals Rare Glimpse At Chest Tattoos In Virtual Interview & Fans Are Going Wild

Chris Evans looked swoon-worthy with his chest tattoos peeking out of his shirt during a new interview! His fans obviously freaked.

Oh Captain, my Captain! Chris Evans got fans in a frenzy during an interview with ACE Universe when they noticed tattoos peeking out of the top of his shirt. Observant fans of the Avengers: Endgame star noticed that he has an eagle inked on the right side of his chest, and a quote from Eckhart Tolle on the left: “When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.”

Naturally, Twitter erupted during Chris’ March 23 interview. “Chris Evans in floral shirt with the tattoos peeking and the chain? This is what heaven looks like,” one fan correctly asserted. “This fit was giving me all types of butterflies today. Chris Evans…thank you (:” another fan sweetly tweeted. “WHO TOLD CHRIS EVANS TO LOOK THAT GOOD IN A INTERVIEW,” a viewer wrote.

This isn’t the first time the Knives Out star showed off his tattoos in public. Chris shared a video to Instagram in October 2020 of himself trying to do a backflip into his pool. While wearing just a pair of black swim trunks, Chris’ full torso full of tattoos was on display! The eagle and Eckhart Tolle quote are very much just the beginning of his ink collection. He joked about being pale… as if anyone was paying attention to that.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans arrives on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Avengers: Endgame, 4/22/19 (Shutterstock)

Of course, this isn’t the most revealing content Chris has ever posted. He caused a minor meltdown just one month earlier when he accidentally posted a nude photo to his Instagram Story. And is showed a lot. “Listen, it was an interesting weekend full of lessons learned. Lot of teachable moments,” Chris said on Tamron Hall at the time. “It was embarrassing, but things happen. You gotta roll with the punches.”

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