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Allison Holker Boss Reveals The Secrets To Her Family’s Viral TikToks & How They Handle Online Trolls

Quarantine at the Boss house seems to be fun with the family's TikTok antics! Allison Holker Boss spoke to HL about their viral videos & getting the fam involved!

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Allison Holker Boss and her husband, Twitch Boss, bring their dancing experience to TikTok and give Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio a run for their money! The couple, plus their three kids, all take part in numerous viral dance challenges on the app, while also coming up with their own original choreo. “It’s so genuine. All the dances that we’re creating, whether it be on Instagram, or if it’s on TikTok, it’s us as a family really, legitimately just having a good time together,” Allison gushed on the HollywoodLife podcast. “I feel so humbled and honored that everyone like loves watching that because it’s just a way for family to connect and laugh together. That’s essentially all it is. And we have a really good time doing it.”

Unfortunately, with millions of views, also comes some trolls. Allison’s daughter, Weslie Fowler, 12, has had to stick up to some haters who dissed her ‘oversized clothes’ and style several weeks ago. “She’s already been bullied for quite a bit of her life, whether that be in person at school, or if it’s online with social media… We had to have those really, really hard lessons and talks with her,” Allison explained. “We had to teach her that honestly, anyone that’s going to bully you, whether it’s ‘you’re overweight,’ or ‘I don’t like your hair,’ or whatever it is, it’s usually, unfortunately, a reflection of what they see in themselves.”


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Allison continued that Weslie took it all in stride and addressed the haters herself. “She’s never been aggressive to them, but just been like, ‘Listen, I am a human and I saw your comment, I want you to know that I stand strong in my decision. And I hope you have a really good day. But I want you to know that you continuing to bully people is not going to affect me,'” she said.

Allison, who is currently hosting Design Star: Next Gen, spoke to HL in partnership with the American Egg Board as she prepared to help them kick off the Incredible Egg Challenge, a three-week competition to highlight participating challengers’ creativity with eggs. “I absolutely love getting involved with this because I truly, honestly, I love everything homemaking, whether that be cooking, baking, decor design,” she explained. “I was so excited because obviously Easter is coming up, which is like a big holiday in our household. So I was like, this is a chance for me just to kind of like see what the new happenings are with eggs!”

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