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Find Out Olivia Culpo’s Exact Workout To Get Photoshoot-Ready With Her West Kept Secret Trainers

When Olivia Culpo is prepping for a photoshoot, she hits the gym with West Kept Secret! The founders shared the exact workout that gets Olivia in the best shape!

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Olivia Culpo has consistently stunned in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and we’re assuming this upcoming edition will be no different. Quarantine has allowed Olivia to hang down in Charlotte, NC with her man Christian McCaffrey, and there she found her fitness homeland with West Kept Secret, founded by the incredible Marissa West and Heidi Hillman! The high-energy fitness duo, along with their squad of trainers, introduced a new method of working out, that differs from your typical cardio-HIIT go-tos. “For one, our cardio work is interspersed throughout the interval, rather than having separate portions of the workout dedicated to cardio or strength – and we transition stations at lighting speed to keep the heart rate elevated at all times. And, unlike many combination workouts, the intervals we develop never go longer than four minutes at each station, so the body is constantly forced to adapt to a changing circumstance, never getting too comfortable in one spot,” Marissa and Heidi explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “This timeframe is also what allows class takers to go all out at each station rather than working at 50% effort for a longer period of time.”

WKS also incorporates Pilates reformers into a cardio-heavy workout, which they say is an “integral part of developing overall core strength and stability which then enables you to improve your work at every other station; from building endurance and speed on the treadmill to advancing your burpee, to taking less breaks in chair pose at the barre.”

Marissa and Heidi walked HL fans through one of Olivia’s typical workouts on the HL Instagram, but we also have it mapped out for you right here!

Props Needed: None! But if you have it, a yoga mat and 1-5 lb hand or wrist weights!

Interval: 5 stations, 4x through

R1: 1 minute of work at each station
R2: 2 minutes of work at each station


R3: 1 minute of work at each station
R4: 2 minutes of work at each station

1-min movements:

1. Cobra on knees
2. High knees
3. Hollow rocks
4. 30 seconds of jabs/30 seconds of jumping jack jabs
5. Glute bridge pulses

2-min movements:

1. Twisted plank dips R/L
2. Squat twists R/L
3. Inside mtn climbers R/L
4. Jab, hook R/L
5. Single leg glute bridge pulses R/L

When it comes to Olivia Culpo’s fitness goals, Marissa and Heidi “focus on cardio intervals interspersed with strength-building exercises that specifically lift and sculpt her glutes, amplify her oblique definition and center core line, and sculpt her shoulders and arms.” “Our goal is to tone her arms without adding extra bulk,” they explained. “We love adding unique arm combinations into her workouts to provide that specific result!”

The pair also recommended “eating a high protein, low carb diet that compliments the hard work put in during our classes.” “Clients are fueled for their workouts and recover seamlessly with this approach,” they advised. “In addition, avoiding as much processed food as possible will help reduce inflammation in the body. If you can farm it, fish it, catch it, or gather it, that food choice is more than likely a safe bet! Finally, scaling back on alcohol consumption is important to see quicker results. At WKS, we recommend finding weekly ranges, such as 1-2 drinks twice a week during a social event. This eliminates the need for fully restricting alcohol, but gives the client flexibility to enjoy a cocktail or two without sabotaging their goals.”

If you want to join the WKS family and continue to workout like Olivia Culpo, the fitness brand has a streaming service with over 70 workout videos and new content dropping monthly! The first episode is FREE and going forward, only $49.99/month with no commitment, so you can cancel anytime. Find out more here!