Britney Spears’ Mom Lynne Dodges Questions About Singer’s New Doc During Rare Appearance In LA

Two weeks after the 'Framing Britney' documentary dropped, Britney Spears' mom Lynne was photographed leaving L.A. while being asked questions about the film.

Lynne Spears
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Image Credit: Mega

Checking on her daughter? Britney Spears ‘ mom Lynne Spears is a semi-rare sight in Los Angeles. But the 65-year-old was photographed leaving L.AX. on Feb. 19, where she made it a point to avoid paparazzi questions about the new documentary Framing Britney. In it, Britney’s conservatorship battle with her dad Jamie Spears, 68, is highlighted, as well as Lynne’s presence early on in her daughter’s career as she rose to teenage stardom. You can check out Lynne at L.A.X. giving the paps one small nugget of info about her family in video here.

Lynne looked chic in a black crewneck sweater with a matching cardigan over it. She wore slim fitting black pants, matching ankle boots and a green face mask as she arrived at a terminal at L.A.X. It seems Lynne had a decent stay in L.A., as she had a wheel-on suitcase along with a large, stylish duffle on top as she entered the airport.

 Lynne Spears was seen getting picked up by her son Bryan at LAX on Nov. 24, 2020. Photo credit: Mega. 

Paparazzi caught up with Lynne and peppered her with questions and comments to try to get her to speak. One said, “We all support her. Everyone is on board with the Free Britney movement. How’s the family doing?” That query seemed get a response with a friendly nod from Lynne as the cameraman replied, “Oh that’s good.”

There from the beginning! Teeange Britney Spears & her mom Lynne are seen at the Fox Teen Choice Awards in Santa Monica, CA on Aug. 1, 1999. Photo credit: AP. 

“Have you seen the documentary yet Lynne? What message do you want her fans to have?” the paparazzo continued. Lynne showed no reaction at all and kept heading into her terminal. It is unclear if Lynne has seen it, but she is very likely aware of it. At the end of Framing Britney it is noted onscreen, “The following people or their representatives did not respond to or declined requests to be interviewed on camera,” and listed Jamie, Lynne, their son Bryan, and daughter Jamie Lynn, in addition to Britney’s longtime court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham III.

The filmmakers also noted that they attempted to reach Britney directly for her participation in the documentary but that it was “unclear if she received any of the requests.” Britney has seemed happy and at peace as recently as Thurs, Feb. 18, when she and boyfriend Sam Asghari  went for long, sunny outdoor hike and she playfully had him carry her on his back. Brit even joked in her Instagram video about how “fun” it was and that it felt like “riding a horse.” Sam shared the same fun video to his of IG page, and the two made jokes about it in the caption. Many people wondered who might have been filming the pair, as access to Britney is so restricted, and Sam is usually her cameraman. But perhaps it was Lynne who was there with her daughter, quietly documenting Britney’s happy day out before heading home to Louisiana the next day.

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