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Jude Law’s Handsome Son Rafferty, 24, Looks Identical To His Movie Star Dad In British GQ: See Pics

There’s no doubt about it: Raff Law is his father’s son. Jude Law’s look-alike spoke about following his parents into acting, all while showing off his jaw-droppingly gorgeous looks.

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Image Credit: Elliott Wilcox

It’s hard not to mistake RaffertyRaff” Law for his father. The 24-year-old son of Jude Law, 48, looks exactly like the Sherlock Holmes star, especially in the pictures appearing in British GQ’s digital weekly, GQ Hype. With stunning blue eyes, a dimpled chin, and curly locks, Raff – born Rafferty Jellicoe Frost Law – has already locked down looking like a movie star. He just now needs a film career to match – and that will likely come sooner than later.

Raff already has some acting under his belt. He took part in The Hat, a 2020 short film shot by Darren Strowger (the partner of Raff’s mother, Sadie Frost) and he makes his feature film debut in Twist, a thoroughly modern retelling of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Dubbed “a quintessentially British film” by British GQ, Twist is – as Raff says – “a really fun, action-packed family film that will hopefully bring a bit of cheer to everyone at home right now.” He’ll star opposite such British icons as Sir Michael Caine, Lena Headey, and Raff’s once-rumored love interest, Rita Ora (portraying the Artful Dodger.)

Raff Law, the good-looking son of Jude Law (Elliott Wilcox)
Jude Law arrives at the premiere of the film “Cold Mountain” at the Mann National Theater in Los Angeles, on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2003. (AP)

“I’m someone who really tries not to compare themselves to anyone else. I really try and ‘do me,’” says Raff when asked about what it’s like having an “international sex symbol” like Jude Law for a father. “My dad’s my best mate; he and I have always been so close. Like any father and son, growing up I looked up to my dad a lot. I’ve always liked the way he dresses – he loves trainers, so that got me into trainers from a young age. He likes good music and that got me into the same.”

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“There’s that comparison all the time and I find it quite funny, because obviously, we’re going to look quite similar – he’s my dad,” he said of the family resemblance. “It’s nice because we do have similarities and we are so close, so now that I’m older he can help me work on scripts and I can send him my music and he can say, ‘Yeah, that’s great.’ He’s just happy to see me becoming a young man that he’s proud to call his son.”

Raff – who attended an “aristo-arty Hampshire boarding school” and fronts the punk-indie band Outer Stella Overdrive – shared what his parents think about him getting into acting. Jude and Stella (who were married between 1997-2003, and welcomed three children: Raff, Iris, and Rudy) “don’t think they felt strongly either way,” said Raff. “They’ve been watching me in school plays since I was five and it’s always been something I’ve loved doing, as well as music and writing, so they’ve been very supportive of me and my siblings following our passions and dreams. For them, if you work hard at something, the rewards pay off.”