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Jennifer Lopez, 51, Rocks Sexy Bodysuit, High-Waisted Shorts & More For Gorgeous ‘Elle’ Shoot — Pics

Jennifer Lopez looked as gorgeous as ever for the February 2021 issue of Elle! Check out her gorgeous outfits and learn more about what it took for her to share her beauty line 'with the world.'

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Jennifer Lopez
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Image Credit: Micaiah Carter

Jennifer Lopez couldn’t have looked better for the February 2021 issue of Elle. The stunning singer and actress, 51, graced the cover of the magazine and posed for a series of photos that highlighted her effortless style and beauty. JLo posed-up on the cover of the issue in a light blue body suit featuring sleeves that ran down to her wrists and matching gloves, courtesy of Fendi.

Jennifer Lopez poses for Elle’s February 2021 issue [Micaiah Carter].
The “In The Morning” hitmaker reclined in a chair and put her long legs front and center, while also sporting a pair of translucent, strappy heels. JLo’s hair was pulled back in a low, tight bun and she fashion a pair of hoop earrings for the photo shoot. The look was also featured on the cover of Elle‘s February 2021 issue, but there was so much more of JLo from the photo spread!

Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Elle’s February 2021 issue [Micaiah Carter].
Along with her dazzling look in the blue bodysuit, JLo also fashioned a pair of trendy high-waisted shorts, which looked perfect on the star. The Dolce & Gabbana ensemble featured a white, button-down shirt and the patterned shorts with a pair of matching pumps. Once again, the singer’s entire ensemble looked so elegant on the star, as styled by Alex White.

Jennifer Lopez for Elle’s February 2021 issue [Micaiah Carter].
While JLo, like so many, is ready to begin 2021 with a fresh start, there’s no denying that 2020 was a huge year for the multi-hyphenate talent. In fact, the end of 2020 ushered in a new era for JLo, as she begins her journey to conquer the world of beauty and cosmetics. “Wherever I go, the number one question people ask is, ‘What do you do for your skin?’” JLo, who founded JLo Beauty, shared with the outlet.

Jennifer Lopez in a Christopher John Rogers dress for Elle’s February 2021 issue [Micaiah Carter].
In terms of her holistic approach to her beauty brand, JLo knew she had to be prepared. “I think I had to be ready,” she continued. “[I had] to become more realized in myself as a woman—knowing what I needed, knowing my skin better, and getting to the point where I felt cool enough to share that with the world in a way.”

With her recent business venture now underway, the mogul spent two years perfecting every aspect of her beauty line, including one particular product — JLo Glow, a multitasking serum. “I sent it back, like, 26 times over two years,” she confessed to the outlet. “They were ready to strangle me, but I was like, ‘No, it has to have an instant effect, so that when you put it on, it tightens and you get a glow, and right away your skin feels better and looks more beautiful.’ You have this gorgeous glow, but then, over time, it also makes your skin healthier if you use it regularly. I use it every day, twice a day now.”

JLo even has a fan of her beauty line in her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez! “[Alex] tries everything,” she revealed of her partner of more than three years. “We did the mask together on the first night, and I filmed myself and it was just life-changing. I was like, ‘My God, I feel like I have a baby face!’” she recalled. “He loves it, and now we’re always fighting for the mask since they’re not in full production.” In 2021,  JLo is on a mission to give her fans the opportunity to indulge and take care of their beauty regiment. “[These products] are for anybody who has skin, which is everyone.”