Ben Affleck Accidentally Drops His Dunkin’ Donuts On The Ground & Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of The Photos

Ben Affleck was struggling to juggle his iced coffee tray and donut box on Dec. 30, and Twitter dubbed the photos the perfect way to sum up 2020!

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Ben Affleck
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Ben Affleck, 48, loves his Dunkin’ Donuts. The Boston native is often spotted with their coffee and snacks (namely, delicious donuts) no matter where he is, and his outing on Wednesday, Dec. 30 in the Pacific Palisades was no exception. Ben hilariously appeared to have a bit of a struggle with his tray of iced drinks and donut box, however, as 2020 nearly claimed his coffee break!

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck struggles with his Dunkin’ Donuts takeout order on Dec. 30. (BACKGRID)

His tray looked troublesome as he presumably made his way back inside, with only one of his three iced drinks securely placed in the card board contraption. It appears Ben had attempted to balance one drink in the middle of the tray — never a good idea — to also make room for a box of Dunkin’s Munchkins (a.k.a. donut holes). The Town actor then quickly moved to the ground as he lost control of the items, luckily avoiding any spillage. Most importantly, the donut box was also in tact! It’s unclear who the other two drinks were for, but his girlfriend Ana de Armas, 32, is most often seen with Starbucks drinks in-hand (even when Ben has his Dunkin’s cup).

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck juggles his coffee and donuts on Dec. 30. (BACKGRID)

Ben was repping his native Boston with a “Believe In Boston” t-shirt for the outing, paired with black jeans and sneakers. The photos of the Batman actor quickly went viral on social media, with Twitter claiming the photos perfectly summed up the rather bleak 2020, which included the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and COVID-19 pandemic, amongst other things. “I was really sad about NYE being cancelled but the Ben Affleck Dunkin’ Donuts memes are nursing my spirit back to health,” one user wrote.

Ben Affleck
Users took to Twitter to post about the hilarious photos on Dec. 31. (Credit: Twitter)

Ben Affleck fan tweets

“People are admiring a new photo of Ben Affleck juggling a tray of Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees and a box of Munchkins as it perfectly sums up 2020,” another added, as others chimed in with more hilarious tweets. “Ben Affleck with his Dunkin Donuts reminds us 2020 won’t quit,” another commented, while a fourth posted, “Ben Affleck dropping his Dunkin Donuts order, pretty much sums up what 2020 has been for everyone.” They can say that again!

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