Nikki Lund On What Inspired Her New Single ‘You & I’ & Working With Ex Richie Sambora

Kim Kardashian's childhood pal Nikki Lund dishes on what the reality star was like growing up as she releases her latest single "You & I" with ex Richie Sambora!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Nikki Lund

Musician, mom and fashion designer Nikki Lund, 38, grew up in the LA area with several celebrities around her, but there was something about Kim Kardashian, 40, that stood out. “Kim was always very fashion forward and trend setter, a beautiful girl,” Nikki told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting her newest single “You & I” which drops Dec. 18. “Everywhere we went, she was always a star. She always was.”

Although Nikki hasn’t kept up with Kim, there’s no bad blood between the two fashion designers. “I never had a falling out with Kim,” Nikki added. “I talk to her mom and I talk to family members, but the last few years I’ve lost touch with Kim for no other reason than we both have different schedules.”

It’s no surprise to Nikki to see how successful her former pal has become. Kim, who has her successful endeavors like SKIMS line, KKW Beauty and a bevy of TV shows to name just a few of the things that have helped build her empire. “She always had that energy, so I’m not surprised,” Nikki said of Kim’s star power. “Seeing the success of our whole group of friends is really exciting. There’s so much different talent in our group. It’s fun! I love seeing how everyone has developed and kind of come into our own. It’s amazing. Amazing.”

(Courtesy of Nikki Lund)

And like her former girlfriend, Nikki herself has found a lot of success. After dating Richie Sambora, 61, off and on for years, the two rekindled their friendship. Richie even helped Nikki write her latest hit a few years ago, while giving her solid career advice. “We actually wrote a whole album together so it was quite an experience for longer than just one song,” Nikki said. “We had a clothing line and everything, so there’s been a lot of wisdom from him. He’s a wealth of knowledge and when I’m around him, I’m like a funnel. I just want to know everything that he knows. He has so much wisdom in song writing, but I would have to say some advice that he gave me would be to start with a good song title. And then expand on that. Get a good title, a solid title.”

(Courtesy of Damien Morley)

While Nikki refuses to identify who the song is about, she promises it’ll keep people moving at all costs. “It’s a fun song,” Nikki revealed. “It’s kind of like a dancy, pop song. It’s perfect for the climate that we’re in. It’s good to just listen to. I wrote it kind of as a — I would say a linear love song for a man. The cool thing about this song is as I’ve evolved, the song has as well and kind of taken on a new meaning. Looking back, I was kind of looking back at myself subjectively.”

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