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Chris Brown Is ‘Missing’ Ammika Harris & Their Son Aeko, 1, ‘Already’ After Family Reunion

Chris Brown cannot wait until 'everyone can be together,' sources share EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife after the singer's trip to Mexico with Ammika Harris and their son, Aeko.

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Chris Brown
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Chris Brown, 31, has returned to American soil after a relaxing getaway with Ammika Harris, 27, and their one-year-old son Aeko. The little family had an incredible time in Tulum, Mexico, and even marked a major milestone by celebrating Aeko’s first birthday. But now that he is back in the states, Chris is already missing his son and former flame. “Chris is back from his trip with Ammika and Aeko, he’s busy working in the studio again,” a source close to the singer shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.

“Ammika and Aeko are back in Germany so they are doing the long distance thing again, but they FaceTime every day, so they are staying very connected. It’s hard for Chris to be apart from them, he’s missing them already, but he does need to work so he had to get home,” the source continued. Although the family is apart once again, they definitely have the amazing memories they created in Tulum to reminisce on. “The trip was really good for them,” the source went on “They had the time to bond and just spend time as a family and it was good. He’s very happy with how it went and I’m sure he’ll find a way to see them again sooner rather than later.”

And getting his entire family together, including his six-year-old daughter Royalty, is definitely on the singer’s mind. “He can’t wait until everyone can be together and close,” a second source revealed to HL. “Chris is very happy with how everything has been turning out with Aeko and Ammika. He is taking himself as a father as something that is very important to him.” Indeed, Chris missed out on so much during the first year of his son’s life due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moving forward, though, he hopes to rectify that.

“He wants to make sure Royalty and Aeko have a solid foundation. Along with that he has to spend time with Royalty just as much Aeko so he is piecing it together along with work,” the source continued. “He is happy to be blessed to afford to make it all happen and he will see Aeko and Ammika soon.”

More than anything, the trip to Mexico, and any future family excursions the R&B artist plans, is so integral to keeping his family members close. “Chris couldn’t have imagined letting 2020 go by almost an entire year without seeing his son,” a third source told HL. “This trip was imperative to him so that he could have bonding time with Aeko, and also Ammika. Not only for himself, but also for Royalty and for his mom [Joyce Hawkins]. They adore Aeko and it’s crucial Aeko feels as much a part of the family as Royalty,” they continued.

Just as he is taking fatherhood seriously, Chris wants to ensure that his son never feels like their bond isn’t strong due to the distance between them. In fact, our third source revealed that “the last thing Chris would ever want in a million years is for his son to feel any type of way because of the distance separating them physically right now.” Thankfully, though, Chris is fostering strong connections with his family members and putting his little one first. “He’s loved by everyone in their family and Chris cherishes that bond with him.”

HollywoodLife reached out to Chris Brown’s rep for comment.