Chris Brown & Ammika Harris: Their Relationship Status Revealed After Mexico Getaway With Son Aeko, 1

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris' family trip was a 'turning point for them,' and sources close to Chris shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife their relationship status.

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Ever since their secluded trip to Tulum, Mexico, fans of Chris Brown, 31, and Ammika Harris, 26, have wondered where their relationship stands. The parents celebrated their son, Aeko‘s, first birthday on November 20, and according to sources close to the R&B singer, the getaway was an incredible trip for the family. “Chris and Ammika haven’t put an official label on where things stand with them right now because they’re still trying to figure out what their next move is,” one source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.

“They know the love is there and they’ll always be in each other’s lives obviously, but there are so many variables at this point and everything is still up in the air,” the source went on. The insider further described Ammika and Chris’ trip to Mexico as “a turning point for” the two. Their getaway also offered them “much needed bonding time to just be together as a family. But at the same time, you never know with Chris. When he knows what he wants, he goes for it and makes things happen.”

Not only does Chris have his relationship status with Ammika to consider, he’s also trying to determine how best to maintain his bond with his one-year-old son after barely seeing him throughout the first year of his life. “Chris can’t imagine being away from Aeko and he’s doing anything and everything to try and figure out how he and Ammika can be with him in the States on a permanent basis,” the source added. “Chris sees so much of himself in Aeko and he can’t wait to continue watch him growing up.”

The source also added that’s “really the only choice if anything, because he would never separate Aeko and Ammika, that’s obviously not an option.” Of course, the source explained that, whatever Chris and Ammika choose to do next as far as their relationship goes, it will be “a big decision,” adding that “it’s not an overnight process” and there are “a lot of moving parts” that the parents have to consider.

At the same time, Chris doesn’t want to “make things difficult with Ammika. They understand what they have to deal with and understand that they have forever in each other’s lives,” a secondary source told HL. “If it remains romantic or moves to co-parenting then that is what it will be,” the source revealed. “Chris has so much respect for Ammika, and he would love to make it work, but he’s well aware that life will take things the way it does.”

Over the course of the last year, fans have speculated where Chris and Ammika’s relationship stands. Within the last few months, Chris has journeyed all the way to Europe to visit Ammika and Aeko in London. Now that the family, including Chris’s six-year-old daughter, Royalty Brown, have had the time to come together in Mexico, the singer is hoping to maintain the strong bonds that he has moving forward. Chris “embraces positivity and that is where things stand with [Ammika] and he hopes to continue that from this point forward,” the secondary source affirmed.

HollywoodLife reached out to Chris Brown’s rep for comment.

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