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‘Wheel Of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Apologizes For ‘Yelling’ At A Contestant & Calling Him ‘Ungrateful’

2020 has been such a stressful year that even cool and calm Pat Sajak has gone over the edge. He 'yelled' at a 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant, saying he's 'had it' with 'ungrateful players.'

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We’re finally in the home stretch for this awful year of 2020 to come to a close. Even Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has lost it, claiming he’s “had it” with the contestants on the show and had a blow up at one of them…sort of. A contestant named Darin McBain solved a puzzle for things that begin with the word “kitchen” on the Nov. 24 broadcast. He got “Cabinet, oven, towels, sink,” but made a snarky observation, “Kitchen oven? What was that? Who calls it a kitchen oven?” and Pat was not having it!

“Yeah, where else would you keep an oven?” Pat shot back, as Darin responded, “For sure in the kitchen, but who calls it a ‘kitchen oven?'” with a little bit of a smart aleck tone.”You won. Don’t argue Darin! You got the puzzle,” a frustrated sounding Pat told him, motioning his arms in frustration.

The 74-year-old’s voice then grew even higher with emotion, saying, “Ungrateful players! I’ve had it!” and seeming to pound his hand down on the rail in front of him for a dramatic effect. But it was all in good fun, as his voice quickly dropped to his normal smooth hosting tone, saying, “No, I’m just teasing. I finally snapped!”

Pat Sajak
Normally jovial Pat Sajak has hosted ‘Wheel of Fortune’ since 1981. Photo credit: AP Images

When the round was finally over, Pat apologized and said, “I’m sorry I yelled at you Darin, I just don’t remember your mother giving us trouble like this.” The contestant Darin’s mom was a three-day champion on the show in 1982, a year after Pat became the host of Wheel of Fortune.

Fans at home were loving Pat’s momentary loss of composure. User @russian98 tweeted the video and wrote, “Oh my
@patsajak almost lost it on this dude #WheelOfFortune.” Viewer @Sjladuke75Susan told Pat to “chill,” tweeting, “I thought I was the only one questioning this ‘kitchen oven’ answer. Pat’s acting like he’s paying out the money. #ChillPat #DarinsRight #KitchenOven.” User @ericharley got a laugh over the whole appliance name brouhaha, tweeting, “Cooking in my ‘kitchen oven.’ But I’m seriously considering a living room oven. Thanks for the idea, @patsajak! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!”