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Cardi B & Offset Show Off His 3,200 Collection Of Sneakers In His Massive Walk-In Closet

Cardi B has a pretty impressive shoe closet. But even she thinks that hubby Offset's over 3,200 pairs of sneakers is over the top, calling his collection 'ridiculous.'

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Cardi B has never been shy about showing off her amazing shoe collection inside her home closet. But she turned the camera on husband Offset‘s even more massive shoe collection on Nov. 25 to expose the fact that he has over 3,000 pairs of sneakers, which she called “ridiculous.” Cardi, 28, started out on Instagram stories by giving fans a tour of their Atlanta mansion, showing off her giant three-story tall living room atrium. But then she decided to head to a more personal space, which was the closet where her 28-year-old husband’s shoe collection resides.

The huge walk-in closet featured wood floors and a high ceiling, and each of the shoes were kept in pairs in their own cubby. The shelving went 12 units high and six rows across, with 3 full shelves on either side, and a wall of shoes at the far end of the room. The closet featured special lighting to show off the rows and rows of sneakers.

“This is ridiculous,” the “WAP” rapper sighed as she walked into the room and showed Offset standing in the middle of his proud shoe closet. “Yeah, lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle,” he told her matter of factly, as Cardi panned around the room to show of his insane collection of footwear.

Cardi B and Offset
Cardi B and Offset both have big shoe collections, but his 3,200 sneakers dwarfs her measly 500 pair of shoes. Photo credit: SplashNews.

“Guys, when I told you this man owns like 30,000 pair of shoes…” she began, as Offset had to correct her that it was only “3,200” pair. Which in a way made it seem more reasonable, at least when compared to owning a whopping 30,000 pair of sneakers. Cardi then revealed how Offset’s collection completely dwarfs hers, and she’s got A LOT of shoes!  “And I think I own like 500 shoes. This man’s got so many sneakers it isn’t even funny. Jesus,” she marveled at Offset’s shoe closet.

Cardi and Offset are back in Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving together as a family with their daughter Kulture, 2, as the “I Like It” rapper was photographed flying out of L.A.X. the day prior. The couple bought the mansion in Atlanta’s Buckhead area for $5.795 million around Christmastime in 2019. It features 22,000 square feet of space, which includes five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and four half-bathrooms. But most importantly, it has amazing shoe closets for the footwear loving couple!

Cardi gave fans a video tour of it on Christmas Eve 2019, after they’d purchased the mansion, but hadn’t moved in yet, writing in the caption, “@offsetyrn has a crazy fever tho on Christmas Eve but this still the best day ever!!!” Now the place is furnished, decorated and the family is cozied up there for the start of the holiday season.