Cameron Diaz Raises Eyebrows As She Reveals She Feeds Her Daughter Raddix, 11 Mos., Garlic & Bone Marrow

Cameron Diaz has revealed that her young daughter has never eaten puree like most babies, and has a very mature palette.

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At 11 months old, Cameron Diaz‘s daughter Raddix has a very advanced palette. The actress, 48, opened up on The Rachael Ray Show during a rare interview, almost one year after welcoming her little bundle of joy. “The first four months, I cooked every single meal,” she said. “And then we slowly started going, ‘Well, maybe we’ll order a lunch. Maybe we’ll order a dinner.’ But for the most part, I’m cooking all the meals,” she explained in a sneak peek for the November 23 episode.

“I love to cook. It’s my love language,” she added. “I love to cook for my husband, I love to cook for my child now. Being able to make the food for her has been incredible.” However, the Shrek actress doesn’t always stick to traditional baby foods, and Rachael Ray chimed in to commend the A-lister for experimenting with ingredients. “You can really strengthen her palette,” the TV host said. “I hate it when people dumb down kids food.”


“No no no no no. She’s never had a puree. She never got anything pureed,” Cameron replied. “She’s had garlic from day one, you know?” The Holiday star also revealed that Raddix loves fresh herbs and even bone broth! “I put herbs in everything. Thyme and dill, sage, everything. She just loves all of it.”

More than five years after she left acting to build a new life with husband Benji Madden, she became a first-time mom at the age of 47. “I never say never to anything, first off, but I feel really resolved. I haven’t made a movie since like…2013, 2014. It’s been a long time, and girl, I’m okay with that! There’s no part of me that’s like…I gotta get back in front of the camera, I gotta go act! I don’t feel that way. That’s not to say I won’t some day, but I’m really resolved where I’m at right now,” she told Naomi Campbell on her YouTube show, No Filter With Naomi, on Oct. 27.

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