Tiffany Trump Mocked For Leaving Transgender Out Of LGBTQ While Hosting GOP Pride Event

Tiffany Trump touted her father's support of the LGBTQ+ community at a 'Trump Pride' event, but Twitter's pointing out something not-so subtle about her speech: she left out the 'T'.

Tiffany Trump
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First Daughter Tiffany Trump was roasted on Twitter after a video surfaced from a “Trump Pride” event in Tampa, Florida, in which she gave a rambling speech about the president’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Just one problem — she left out the “T” when referencing the acronym. Considering her father’s treatment of the transgender community during his presidency, it’s not exactly a shock, but still a truly offensive omission during an event meant to promote inclusion in the Republican party.

Tiffany, wearing a pink bandage dress, danced out onstage to the Black Eyed Peas‘ “I’ve Got a Feeling” to a cheering crowd… of about a dozen supporters in red MAGA caps. “It’s such an honor to be here to speak truthfully, honestly, from my heart,” Tiffany said. “I know what my father believes in. Prior to politics, he supported gays, lesbians — the LGBQIA+ community! Unfortunately, you see on social media, you see these fabricated lies. It saddens me.” No “transgender” mentioned in her lengthened version of the acronym, which includes “gay, lesbian, queer, intersex, and asexual.”

She touted repeatedly that she has gay friends who also know that Donald Trump is apparently their biggest champion. “My father has always supported all of you,” Tiffany stated He’s not doing it for politics; he’s never done it for politics.” She ended by saying that her father “can’t be bought off,” which is a whole different can of worms. Tiffany was roundly mocked after the October 17 speech made the rounds on social media. “Tiffany Trump thinks the T in LGBTQ+ stands for Trump,” one Twitter user wrote after seeing the speech.

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump speaks at the 2020 Republican National Convention (AP Images)

“Seeing Tiffany Trump try to label her father, someone who banned trans people from serving in the army, tried to change the legal definition of gender & worked to make it possible for LGBTQ people to be discriminated against as an LGBTQ ‘ally’ makes my skin crawl as an LGBTQ person,” tweeted another advocate. Trump succeeded in banning transgender persons from joining the military in 2019, three years after the Obama administration said they could openly serve. And in June 2020, Trump overturned protections for transgender people against gender discrimination in health care — another Obama-era policy.

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