Tiffany Trump Faces Backlash For Throwing Lavish Birthday Party Amid Pandemic: ‘Bye Tiffany’

'Bye Tiffany' began trending on Twitter after footage from Tiffany Trump's birthday showed the First Daughter partying at Miami hotspots while Americans continue to suffer during the pandemic.

Tiffany Trump
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Image Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As the number of COVID-19 deaths nears 16,000 in Florida, Tiffany Trump celebrated her birthday with multiple lavish, massive birthday parties across Miami. President Donald Trump‘s daughter partied the night away on October 11 with a group of friends, popping bottles of champagne, dancing, and even sharing a birthday cake decorated with her Instagrams. #ByeTiffany started trending on Twitter on October 15 after a PAC called MeidasTouch produced a video targeting the First Daughter for celebrating as Americans’ lives were ruined by coronavirus.

The campaign attack ad, which you can watch above, juxtaposes Tiffany “painting the town red, white, and blue” with news footage of everyday Americans dealing with the fallout of her father’s inaction. As Tiffany parties, viewers are reminded of closed schools and separated families. While Tiffany is allowed to galavant around Miami, others have missed out on prom, canceled weddings, and skipped birthday parties altogether.

The ad ended with footage of Tiffany’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Tiffany spoke on the second night of the RNC, August 25, and spent most of her time rallying against Joe Biden and the “fabricated” media. But it was a throwaway line that stood out the most for baffled viewers at home: “I relate to so many of you who might be looking for a job. Believe me.”

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump speaks on the second night of the Republican National Convention, 8/25/20 (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Tiffany was referring to the fact that she just graduated from Georgetown Law School in May, and, presumably, hasn’t landed a job in her field yet. But there’s a difference between Tiffany, coming from a wealthy and powerful family, and the 12 million Americans currently unemployed during the worst joblessness record since the Great Depression. Twitter users were incensed after seeing the anti-Tiffany ad. “1. Millions suffering; 216,025 dead; celebrations & schools cancelled; so many sacrifices. Our elderly isolated in locked down NHs since March. But rules don’t apply to the #PrivilegedRich!” one person tweeted.

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