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Joe Biden Stops By Dairy Queen & Flips Over A Blizzard For National Dessert Day — Watch

In honor of National Dessert Day on Oct. 14, Joe Biden made a pit stop at Dairy Queen, and showed off the chain's famous Blizzard trick on Twitter!

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Joe Biden, 77, proved to be super relatable when he hit up Dairy Queen for National Dessert Day on Oct. 14. The presidential candidate ordered himself a Blizzard, and shared a photo of himself turning it upside down on Twitter. The Blizzard trick is DQ’s way of distinguishing the sweet treat from a milkshake, and Biden did it like a pro, as the ice cream stayed right in the cup as expected!

After Joe posted his video, people flooded Twitter with their reactions. Of course, many people pointed out that this carefree, normal behavior is something we’d never see from Biden’s opponent, Donald Trump. “The mere thought of Donald Trump walking into a Dairy Queen and fooling around like this would never seem write,” someone tweeted. “Joe Biden is just a normal grandpa.”

Someone else called out Trump even more directly, writing, “I kinda want a President who does something goofy in a Dairy Queen instead of, you know, firing his own employees with a tweet then giving a Senator a racist nickname and threatening his own country.” Another person said, “President Biden makes me want a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Trump just makes me want to vomit.”

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Joe Biden speaks to his supporters at a campaign event. (AP Images)

There were plenty of people who didn’t understand the reason behind Joe’s Blizzard trick, but his supporters made sure to have his back and explain. “The Blizzard upside down is a trademark of Dairy Queen, basically,” one person tweeted. “But of course not to comrades who know nothing about American culture, or shall I say, Trump Patriots.”

Biden and Trump were supposed to have their second presidential debate on Oct. 15. However, due to Trump’s recent positive coronavirus diagnosis, the debate was canceled. Trump has since tested negative and has been out and about at public rallies without a mask, though. The next debate is still scheduled, as planned, for Oct. 22 at 9:00 p.m. This will be the candidates’ final chance to go head-to-head before Election Day on Nov. 3.