Milo Ventimiglia Declares His ‘This Is Us’ Character Jack Pearson ‘Would Never’ Vote For Donald Trump

This won't go down well with 'This Is Us' Trump viewers. Star Milo Ventimiglia has declared that his lead character Jack is pro-Biden and would 'never' vote for our current president.

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Image Credit: NBC

While some of his fellow This Is Us cast mates have been simply encouraging people to get out and vote, Milo Ventimiglia has taken things a step further. No only is he pro-Joe Biden for president, he says his character of Jack Pearson would “never” vote for current POTUS Donald Trump. The 43-year-old actor made the proclamation via Twitter on Oct. 8, after apparently sending in his mail in ballot, as he was wearing an “I voted” sticked on the front pocket of his black t-shirt.

“#JackPearson would NEVER vote for @realDonaldTrump (for so many reasons) neither should you. If you like JACK/Vote for JOE. #BidenHarris all the way. @JoeBiden,@KamalaHarris. With love for America – Milo Ventimiglia,” the actor captioned the photo. He could be seen giving a peace sign with his fingers, and appeared to be at work on the moving NBC drama, as the iconic water tower on the Paramount Studios lot could be seen behind him.

Milo making his ficitonal character’s political opinion known divided fans big time. User @CSColaiocco told him, “thank you for using your platform to get the message out,” but @jenlynn0168 was so upset she wrote, “Shame, you *were* such a pretty face to follow,” refusing to keep following Milo after his political stance. @itwouldbevic cheered, “Thank you for posting this, King. Nothing but respect for Jack Pearson!!” but @MayCrawford777 commented, “1) Jack Is not real – he is fictional and 2) Nobody cares what entitled celebrities who follow their passions instead of reason think.”

This Is Us cast
Milo Ventimiglia surrounded by his ‘This Is Us’ cast. Photo credit: NBC.

Many celebrities have been urging citizens to get out and vote, stressing how “important” it is in the election, but without outright naming who people should vote for. Milo’s co-star Sterling K. Brown has been working hard to get people registered to vote, but not taking a side in the process. On Sept. 22  National Voter Registration Day, Sterling appeared to post a thirst trap to his Twitter account showing a sexy shirtless selfie of himself. And he’s got ABS!

He cheekily wrote, “Like what you see? There’s more where this came from” above the photograph. But his accompanying link didn’t take fans to more beefcake shots, as instead it routed them to so unregistered voters could easily sign up. However actress Mandy Moore, who plays Milo’s onscreen wife, made it clear she’s voting for the same ticket he is. She just didn’t say that fictional Rebecca Pearson would vote the same way she would.

In a Sept. 7 Twitter post, Mandy wrote, “I CAN NOT wait to vote for her Nov 3rd. #BidenHarris2020 #voteearly.” It showed Biden’s VP running mate Kamala Harris in her campaign stop Converse Chuck Taylors, giving a rousing off-the-cuff speech to supporters outside of an event in Wisconsin.

If you still have not registered to vote, it is not to late. You can do it right here and it only takes a few minutes:

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