Bethenny Frankel Reveals The ‘Perfect’ Celebs She’s Dying To Have On Her New ‘Just B With Bethenny’ Podcast

Bethenny Frankel's new podcast already has some great names attached but she's revealing her guest 'wish list' EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife!

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Bethenny Frankel, 49, has a wide variety of guests already announced for her new podcast. People seem so curious as to what she has to say that she even hit #4 on the Apple downloads list before its release, so it’s no surprise she’s got her sights set high when it comes to who she wants next. “There’s so many people that I want that would be perfect at it,” the Just B With Bethenny host told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY from her Hamptons home on Sept. 22. “Ellen [DeGeneres], who I’ve had a previous relationship with. I think Chrissy Teigan who’s really built something great,” she adding, referencing Chrissy’s Cravings food empire, including cookbooks, a homeware line, and more.

It’s important to note that not just anyone can come on and tape the hour long podcast, either. The entrepreneur and successful business woman is looking for people who can relate to her “place of yes” work ethic. “You have to have really built something on your own,” Bethenny revealed. “So that’s the gauntlet you’ve got to get through to get on.”

Paris Hilton, 39, and Dana White, 51, are a couple of the first group of guests announced for the podcast that drops on Sept. 28. Another name on that list is Mark Cuban, 62, who Bethenny says is always one call away when she needs advice. “Marc Cuban is a genius,” Bethenny added. “He has so much information, so much data. He has become someone that I go to when I have a business question. He never, ever doesn’t pick up the call and he’s quick and he knows what to tell me and gives good advice. He’s amazing. An absolute visionary and a game changer.”

When it comes to the podcast itself, fans can expect to see the same, unfiltered Bethenny they’ve grown to love over the years on the small screen. “I mention it all. There’s a rant in the beginning where it goes from 15 to sometimes a half hour where I’m just going in and saying what I think about something,” Bethenny revealed. “It’s not always going to be a popular opinion and it’s stuff that people won’t say but they’re not paying my rent, so I’m saying it. There’s no fluff or nonsense about who you’re sleeping with or gossip. It’s all about really finding out what makes them tick, how they make decisions, how they think, how they operate in business and everyone is revealing so much about themselves rather than if I was asking them really personal questions, just saying things that you would never hear anywhere else, so it’s going to be amazing, much better than I ever imagined.”

As if a new podcast weren’t enough, the Skinnygirl empire is growing! With products from four new supplements to jeans and activewear with HSN, the bstrong philanthropist EXCLUSIVELY teased her latest alcoholic concoction. “I’m launching a new spirits line,” Bethenny said. “I haven’t told anybody else that and HSN, today just asked for us to sell it there. It’s going to be feminine and flirty and it’s going to be disruptive and it’s going to change the category a little bit, like a new use for a drink that we weren’t using in that way before. In the way that I created the Skinnygirl margarita and people hadn’t been drinking ready to drink for years. They were sort of cheap products in the drug store. So I created a category. This is an existing category to drink it in different ways and it’s a whole new brand,” she shared.

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