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Melania Trump Gets Compared To Jackie Kennedy & Twitter Erupts: ‘So Stormy Daniels Is Marilyn Monroe?’

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro called Melania Trump 'the Jackie Kennedy of her time' and Twitter responded with strong disagreements about the comparison.

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Melania Trump, 50, was graciously compared to former first lady Jackie Kennedy by White House trade adviser Peter Navarro during his interview with MSNBC on Aug. 25, which can be seen above, but many people didn’t agree with him and took to Twitter to make that known. “I find her to be the Jackie Kennedy of her time…the beauty, the elegance, the soft-spokenness. I think she’ll deliver a powerful message to the American people, ” Peter said in the interview ahead of Melania’s speech and introduction to the new Rose Garden or the Republican National Convention (RNC). Once his words made their way around Twitter, people didn’t hesitate to tweet about their disagreement.

“Peter Navarro: ‘Melania Trump is the Jackie Kennedy of her time.’ So, Stormy Daniels is Marilyn Monroe?” one tweet read, comparing the porn star who Donald Trump allegedly had an affair with to the late actress who the late John F. Kennedy was rumored to have a romance with. “Peter Navarro is seriously delusional…not in a funny way. The man needs help,” another read. “Stormy is a helluva lot more like MM than Melania is like Jackie Kennedy,” a third pointed out.

Other users posted several laughing emojis and GIFs, and some tweets mentioned Melania’s modeling background, which included posing nude for some publications. “I don’t believe Jacqueline Kennedy ever posed nude as @FLOTUS did,” one user wrote while another similarly said, “I don’t recall Jackie posing nude on multiple occasions.”

Peter’s comments and the Twitter backlash that followed came just three days after the White House revealed photos of the new Rose Garden Melania has been working on. “Excited to honor history & celebrate the future in our beautiful @WhiteHouse Rose Garden this evening. Thank you to all who helped renew this iconic & truly gorgeous space,” she tweeted along with a series of photos of the garden on Aug. 22.

Melania Trump, Jackie Kennedy
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro compared current First Lady Melania Trump (left) to former First Lady Jackie Kennedy (right) in a Aug. 25 interview. (AP Images)

In addition to working on the Rose Garden, she has been preparing for her headlining speech, which will take place in the garden, at the RNC on the night of Aug. 25. It is part of the second night of the convention and follows speeches from other Republicans pushing for the reelection of Trump, including his son Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who both spoke on the first night.