Cardi B & Her Daughter Kulture, 2, Stick Their Tongues Out Together In Adorable Video — Watch

Cardi B and Kulture had the silliest mother-daughter moment while trying on some lipgloss together, and the rapper recorded it all for Instagram.

Cardi B Kulture
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Name a cuter duo! Cardi B and her daughter, Kulture Cephus, had a glam session at home that got a little goofy when the two-year-old decided to stick out her tongue at the camera instead of blowing a kiss. Cardi, 27, posted a video to her Instagram Stories on August 11 that showed her toddler trying to nab a tube of pink lipgloss. Cardi handed it to her and had her look into the camera. She gave it a glance and stuck out her tongue at the phone. Cardi, naturally, did the same. Aww!

Cardi posted a second video that’s equally as precious. It looks as though she let Kulture sample the lipgloss. Kulture gives her mom a big air kiss before, much like all toddlers, losing interest and wandering off. Can we talk about how cute Kulture’s outfit is? Cardi put her hair up in a giant, JoJo Siwa-esque bow, as she often does. She was also rocking a little ruffled top and white pants.

The “WAP” rapper is always posting videos and photos of her beloved little girl on Instagram. The Grammy-winner couldn’t stop laughing when she recorded their trip to a candy store in Los Angeles on July 30. “Kulture, you’re getting candy,” Cardi told her daughter, who was standing in front of a display of comically oversized lollipops. Kulture started jumping up and down and clapping her hands while she waited for her mom to deliver.

Cardi B Kulture
Cardi B gives her adorable daughter Kulture Cephus a lift (BACKGRID)

Kulture’s a little fashionista, just like her mother. Her father, Offset, gifted her a $9000 Hermes Birkin bag for her second birthday. You read that right. Cardi brushed off fan backlash by tweeting, “We can do light up shoes and princess dress all day in the house [but] if we going out she gotta match me! If I’m fly my kid too.”

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