Ciara’s Daughter Sienna, 2, Sweetly Dances With Elmo Behind The Scenes Of His Talk Show

Ciara's daughter, Sienna, had the time of her life on the set of Elmo's new talk show. She got to dance with the little guy himself!

Ciara Sienna
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Image Credit: AP Photo/John Froschauer

Welcome to Sienna’s World! Ciara brought her two adorable kids along for the ride when she performed on Elmo’s new HBO Max talk show, and her two-year-old daughter, Sienna Wilson, had the best experience. She not only got to meet the beloved muppet on The Not Too Late Show with Elmo set, but dance with him, too.

Ciara shared the precious video on Instagram, which shows Elmo grabbing Sienna’s hands and doing a little dance as she smiles and giggles. Ciara and Sienna’s big brother, six-year-old Future Wilburn, are loving the sweet moment. It’s heart-meltingly cute when Future asks Elmo for a hug before he goes off to film the show. Of course Elmo hugs him!

The family traveled to Sesame Studios in Queens, New York, so that Ciara could perform on The Not Too Late Show. They made a pit stop at the Sesame Street set while they were there, and Sienna got to meet another friend — Abby Cadabby! Sienna looked so happy as they held hands and chatted. “Look mommy, Abby!” she tells Ciara in an adorable video.

Ciara’s appearance was, of course, filmed before she gave birth to her newborn son, Win Wilson. In fact, she revealed on Instagram, it was before she even told anyone she was pregnant. Little Future almost spilled the beans to everyone backstage, and Ciara had to “play it off,” she said. Close one!

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