Pregnant Chelsea Houska Reveals Baby’s Gender With Sweet New Family Pic Outside New House

Just two days after Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer delighted fans with news that they're expecting a new baby, the couple shared their gender reveal celebration in front of their gorgeous new home.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska
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Image Credit: MTV

It’s a good thing Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer are building a massive dream home, because their family is growing. After announcing on Aug. 5 that the 28-year-old is pregnant with baby number four, the happy couple shared their gender reveal with fans in this photo while posing in front of the modern style farmhouse. The pair was each holding a confetti popper container, while the contents blew pink paper into the sky. They’re having a GIRL!!!

This will be the third daughter for Chelsea. She already has 10-year-old daughter Aubree by ex Adam Lind (though Cole is raising her as his own child), and two-year-old Layne Ettie by Cole, who turns two on Aug. 29. That date also happens to be Chelsea’s 29th birthday. This time around, Chelsea won’t he spending her birthdate delivering a baby, as her new bundle of joy is due in early 2021. Cole and Chelsea have one son, three-year-old Watson.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska
Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska are seen during a ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion taping. Photo credit: MTV

In the family’s gender reveal photo, both Cole and Chelsea have big, open mouth smiles about their new addition being a girl. Aubree is definitely happy about welcoming a little sister, as she has a huge grin and is holding her arms in the air. Watson knows something joyous is going down, as he’s seen laughing but covering his ears from the noise of the confetti cannons. Layne is looking at the ground, seemingly still to young to realize there’s a celebration going on and that she’s going to have a little sister.

The couple is standing in front of the dream home that has been under construction since April of this year. The house is turning out to be huge! The pair has been documenting the construction of the farmhouse-style spread on their Instagram page @downhomedeboers. At this rate, all of the kids are going to have their own bedroom, including the new baby. Hopefully the home will be ready in time for the infant’s arrival.

Chelsea and Cole shared the pregnancy news in the sweetest way on Aug. 5. They each posted an Instagram photo with their family members’ names written in black marker on the wood inside their home’s framing, in order from oldest to youngest. The very last entry read “baby” with a heart drawn next to it. On her IG page, Chelsea wrote in the caption, “One more DeBoer! Coming early 2021.” Cole seemed to indicate that with this child, their family will be complete, writing, “The Grand Finale! (We Think) Baby #4″ on his page. On their home building Insta, Chelsea added, “When we were writing blessings on the house before the drywall went up, we wrote all our names and couldn’t leave out the new babe. So glad Cole got this photo! Our whole family. Newest DeBoer coming 2021.”

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