‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Chloe Goes Off On Madisson As She Attempts To ‘Rebuild’ Their Friendship

Chloe and Madisson's unresolved issues come to a head on the Aug. 4 episode of 'Siesta Key,' and we have an EXCLUSIVE look at their tense confrontation

The tension is at an all-time high between Chloe Trautman and Madisson Hausburg on this season of Siesta Key. After Madisson decided to move out of the apartment that the girls’ shared, she’s been keeping her distance from Chloe and the rest of the group. Now, in this EXCLUSIVE preview from the Aug. 4 episode, which you can see above, she’s attempting to mend fences with her former friend.

Madisson approaches Chloe at a party, and from the get-go, Chloe isn’t all that interested in hearing what she has to say. “You started this whole situation when you and I got in the first big fight that caused you to literally up and move out of our house,” Chloe says. “I was unaware that you and I had problems at all. So I’m still stuck in confusion on what really happened.”

madisson chloe siesta key
Madisson Hausburg and Chloe Trautman pose in their promo shots for ‘Siesta Key’ (MTV).

When Madisson insists that she’s just trying to “resolve” the issue, Chloe shoots her down again. She calls Madisson out for skipping the group’s recent Friendsgiving event to attend Thanksgiving at Alex Kompothecras’ house instead. Alex is on the outs with Chloe and Juliette Porter, so Madisson’s decision spoke volumes to them.

“I just want to be civil, Chloe,” Madisson explains. “I want to rebuild the friendship, as I’ve expressed to you.” Still, Chloe isn’t having it. “So why not show up to Friendsgiving?! I think you were trying to make a point by not coming,” she admits. Madisson is at a loss for words, and asks Chloe to stop “throwing shade” at her and making her feel like she has to “choose sides” in the drama with Alex.

siesta key
Cast members from ‘Siesta Key’ stop by the HollywoodLife offices for a photo shoot. (Paige Kindlick)

“No one’s saying you have to choose sides,” Chloe says. “I just think you have chosen.” Madisson refuses to apologize for hanging out with Alex, who she still considers a friend, and this causes Chloe to really blow up. “You, in no way, shape or form, are making actions to rebuild our friendship,” she screams. “So don’t make it about me now. You’ve not shown me once in the last few weeks that you’re trying to rebuild our friendship.”

The conversation definitely does not end on a positive note for Madisson and Chloe. However, we’ll have to see if they’re able to ACTUALLY resolve things when Siesta Key airs on Aug. 4 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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