‘Revenge Prank’ Preview: A Victim Comes Dangerously Close To Exposing Vinny In The Control Room

In this EXCLUSIVE clip from 'Revenge Prank,' Vinny Guadagnino nearly gets caught while orchestrating a prank from a hidden room nearby.

A prank begins to go terribly wrong for master Vinny Guadagnino on this week’s episode of Revenge Prank With DJ Pauly D & Vinny GuadagninoHollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE clip from the episode, where Vinny helps a woman named Grace trick her dad into thinking she’s joining a cult. However, her dad’s suspicions about his daughters new lifestyle nearly expose Vinny in his secret hideout!

Vinny is in a ‘control room’ giving instructions to Grace, along with her brother, Pedro Jr., who’s in on the prank. Fake cult members are also present, with Vinny in their ears, as well. “[Grace’s dad] Pedro Sr. is already pissed that Grace moved out of her grandma’s house,” Vinny explains in a voiceover. “Little does he know what we have in store for him. We need Pedro Jr. to put on a good performance here.”

pauly d vinny guadagnino

Pedro Sr. is visibly skeptical of whatever’s going on with his daughter, and is hesitant when she asks him to come get to know her new friends. When another ‘cult’ member named Oak refers to Grace by her “new name,” Worm, Pedro Sr. cannot hide his shock and disappointment. “Dad looks so sketched out by these weirdos!” Vinny says.

pauly d vinny guadagnino
Nancy Rivera / SplashNews.com

Things get even worse when Grace and Oak bring her father inside the compound, though. “Pedro’s face is like….what is my daughter doing in this sketchy compound?!” Vinny narrates. Once inside, the plan is to get Pedro Sr. seated on the couch so they can talk. However, he has a different plan. Instead, he begins wandering around the living room, and gets dangerously close to where the hidden cameras are.

“You need to get dad to sit down!” Vinny insists. “Do not let this guy see the cameras! Guys, sit him down! Do not let him walk around — there’s a camera hiding in that bookcase and our control room is just around the corner. Get him to sit down!” At that point, Pedro Sr. begins to walk RIGHT towards the control room, and Vinny is seen freaking out. We’ll have to tune into Revenge Prank on July 16 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV to find out what happens next, though!

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