Justin Bieber Raves Over ‘Literal Angel’ Hailey Baldwin With Sweet Snap Of Her Sleeping

Justin Bieber is madly in love with his wife Hailey Baldwin! The 'Sorry' singer posted a snap of her napping the day away that included quite the compliment for his ladylove.

This can’t get any cuter! Justin Bieber, 26, has a lengthy history of sharing several sweet & romantic moments with Hailey Baldwin, 23, over the years and his latest one is no exception. He uploaded an Instagram story of his supermodel wife sleeping on a boat on Friday, July 10, where she cozied up with a throw pillow in a white and pink ensemble. “A literal angel,” he wrote underneath the pic. The married duo also appeared to be on the road yesterday as he also posted a couple of other stories of them in some type of vehicle with their adorable dog.

Justin & Hailey have been enjoying a lot of personal time together amid the quarantine situation still being in effect. They escaped self-isolation last month and headed to Utah where she posted a photo of her looking absolutely stunning in a tangerine hued two-piece by Triangl.

Pucker up! Hailey also shared the cutest pic of them engaging in a very romantic kiss during their time in the doubly landlocked state. Utah seems to be the new hotspot for celebs to hit up as of late as many others, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, have been basking in all of its sunny glory over the past couple of days.

Hailey has spent some time away from her Grammy-winning husband lately as she and fellow model Bella Hadid, 23, caused a bit of controversy when they flew to Italy. This would normally be an A-OK kind of deal but there is a ton of worriment involved in doing so due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin kiss. Credit: BACKGRID

“Bella and Hailey are in Italy for work, something they have genuinely missed these past few months,” a source close to both women shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. The insider also explained that they are both “obviously lucky to have a job,” especially one that gives them opportunities to travel around the globe.

The source did assure, however, that “they both are also taking all necessary precautions with the world we live in,” however, they chose to travel “because they have missed working frequently on shoots.”

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