‘Revenge Prank’ Preview: Pauly D Orchestrates An ‘Epic’ Prank To Help A Woman Trick Her Parents

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the upcoming July 9 episode of 'Revenge Prank,' Pauly D looks on as a young woman pulls the ultimate prank on her unsuspecting mother.

Pauly D is at it once again on the upcoming episode of Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D & Vinny Guadagnino! This time, he’s helping a woman named Naja trick her parents into thinking that she’s fallen in love with a drug dealer/sugar daddy. Pauly brings Naja’s grandfather in to help with the prank, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at her mother’s initial reaction to the news.

In the clip, Naja’s mom, Tiffany, and her grandfather arrive at Naja’s “new home.” The look on Tiffany’s face is priceless as she walks up to the front door of the mansion. “What is going on?!” Tiffany asks. Naja tries to calm her down, and can barely contain her laughter as she responds, “Go have a seat. This is my new home. I’m gonna explain everything once y’all go sit down. Just relax! Why are you so uptight?!”

pauly d

Behind the scenes, Pauly is watching everything go down, and he can’t help but giggle at how shocked Tiffany is. “She looks terrified!” he says. At that point, Naja explains, “I found a new man. You guys are going to love him. I’m excited for you guys to meet him, and this is our home.”

pauly d vvinny guadagnino

Suddenly, Tiffany notices a photo of Naja and her ‘new man’ on the wall, and her mouth opens in full-on shock when she sees who her daughter is living with. “She saw the picture!” Pauly exclaims. “Look at her face. This is epic!” Tiffany literally can’t wipe the expression off her face as she tries to figure out what’s going on.

We’ll have to wait and see how she handles the news, though. Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D & Vinny Guadagnino airs on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV. The show follows another Pauly and Vinny series, Double Shot At Love, which airs at 8:00 p.m.

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