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‘Double Shot At Love’ Preview: Marissa Gets Jealous When Brandon Flirts With ‘Hot Girls’ — Watch

'Double Shot At Love' heats up this week when Brandon can't help but indulge in all of the 'hot girls' at Drai's when the cast enjoys a night out before work! But, Marissa isn't having it, which means one thing — drama!

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Things get out of control on the June 25 episode of Double Shot At Love when the crew gets their first taste of the night life at Drai’s — the same Las Vegas club Pauly D spins at. Not to mention, it’s the night before the group has their first day of work… at Drai’s. Take a look at the below clip, exclusively obtained by HollywoodLife, ahead of Wednesday’s all new Double Shot At Love on MTV.

During last week’s episode (2), Brandon and Marissa hooked up, which led the roommates to suspect that drama would follow. And, it implodes on this week’s episode when Brandon begins flirting with multiple women at the club. Meanwhile, Marissa is standing in the corner, sipping her drink and watching his every move.

At one point during the night, Brandon meets a woman named Jessica and her friend. They shake hands, and begin chatting. “My brain is just like trying to calculate how many hot girls are in here right now,” Brandon says in a confessional. “They’re everywhere. I’m going to love this job. I’m like a kid in a candy store,” he admits, before telling Nicky to make a pass at Suzi (Susan Baidya).

While Nicky and Suzi start hitting it off, Brandon invites a group of girls back to the house. In a confessional, Marissa questions their hookup.

“I don’t know if there’s any feelings behind what happened last night,” she says. “I’m still trying to process the whole thing and its definitely confusing. But, it’s a little annoying that he’s not giving me any attention. Like, I am the jealous type, I’m very overprotective and possessive. You literally just slept with me and now you’re in front of my face, dancing on other girls. Like, really dude?” Marissa continues, before she confronts Brandon.

“You’re with a bunch of hoes over there,” she says to him in the club. “What? You’re mad? Are you mad?” he asks.

In a confessional, he claims they “had an agreement” — whatever that means. “I’m single,” he says, admitting, “So, there’s really actually no reason for you to be upset.” He later adds that Marissa’s “jealous vibes” are “weird” to him.

Meanwhile in the club, Marissa pulls Brandon close to warn him, “Don’t make a fool out of me.” He replies, “You’re my f–king friend. I don’t do that.”

Finally, Marissa hits the confessional to explain the “agreement” Brandon mentioned earlier.

“The deal was to have sex and just be friends and that was really it,” she says. “Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated and the way he’s kind of just brushing it off is really irritating me right now,” Marissa explains before the clip ends.

Season two of Double Shot At Love features Pauly D and Vinny reuniting with some of their exes: Derynn Paige, Brittani “B-lashes” Schwartz, Maria Elizondo, Marissa Lucchese, Nikki Hall and Suzi in Vegas. Following this week’s all new episode of Double Shot At Love, Pauly and Vinny’s new series,  Revenge Prank With DJ Pauly D & Vinny premieres on MTV at 9 PM.