Drew Barrymore, 45, Looks Incredible While Showing Off 20 Lb. Weight Loss On Self-Shot ‘InStyle’ Cover 

Drew Barrymore has never looked better on the cover of 'InStyle' magazine — which she photographed, herself! The actress put her slimmer figure on display for the mag's 'Bada** issue, after revealing her 20 Lb. weight loss in February!

Drew Barrymore InStyle August 2020
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Image Credit: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore looks great and she feels even better! The actress, 45, opened up about her health journey and why she loves her “little imperfect” self in the August issue of InStyle. Following the February debut of her 20 Lb. weight loss, Drew revealed her workout formula in an accompanying interview. She also explained how she combats getting overwhelmed while being a “mother, provider, friend and a teacher” to her two young kids. Drew is currently homeschooling daughters Olive, 7, and Frankie, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drew Barrymore InStyle August 2020
Drew Barrymore covers the August 2020 issue of InStyle magazine. (Photo credit: Drew Barrymore)

“I eat really clean and healthy, and I do an hour of Pilates at least four days a week,” Drew, whose talk show debuts this fall, revealed. “I have to work so hard at not being the size of a bus. And it’s OK. That is just my journey. That is my karma. I don’t know, maybe I was thin and mean in a past life,” she said.

Drew first revealed her dramatic weight loss in a series of photos and videos on Instagram in February. She shared a sweet tribute to her personal trainer and good friend, Marnie Alton, who Drew credited for helping transform her body.

Aside from continuing her health and fitness journey, Drew has been busy homeschooling her kids and working. “I felt very overwhelmed at first — and I hate feeling overwhelmed. It was weird to be a mom and a teacher and a provider and a friend,” she admitted. “I felt sad for a while that I was all I could offer my children. Then I realized that I had to get out from under it. I have so much empathy and patience for everyone but myself, it’s sick,” she said while laughing.

Drew Barrymore in NYC May 2019
Drew Barrymore at ‘For The Love of Collaboration’ event in New York, NY on May 15, 2019.

Though she’s still working on herself everyday, Drew, who labels herself as a “human welcome mat,” is comfortable in her own skin. “I’m proud to be a little naughty, a little imperfect, a little scared, a little human,” she said. “I still think comedy is such an antidote to the bad things in life. When things are so important and high-stakes, such as this time in the world, you wonder how to find your voice,” Drew continued, noting, “I write and speak as if no one is reading or listening. That doesn’t mean I don’t care what people think; I am a human welcome mat.”

The 50 First Dates star later spoke on what being a “badass” means to her in honor of the magazine’s issue of the same name. “I don’t really know what it means to be a badass — and I’m OK with that,” she admitted. “We live in an era when people want to be more than one thing. If you apply yourself and work hard, that’s where the badassery comes in,” she said, explaining, “I also love to see the word ‘badass’ in a joyful context, like on this cover with a smile, a peace sign, and a shirt that says, ‘Good news.’ That makes me feel like I’m on the right path.”

Drew, who did her own hair and makeup, set up a tripod to photograph herself for InStyle‘s August 2020 issue. The mag is available on newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital download July 17.

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