Paris Hilton Mocks Kanye West’s Run For President With Her Own Campaign: Pic & Slogan

President Paris is ready for the White House. After Kanye West announced his election bid, Paris Hilton joked that she was also entering the 2020 race with a hilarious campaign slogan.

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The 2020 presidential race is starting to get crowded again. Just when we thought we were down to two candidates before the November 3 general election — Donald Trump and Joe BidenKanye West had to enter the race and inspire other celebrities to follow him. Who’s ready for President Paris Hilton? It could be happening sooner than you think.

Paris, 39, announced a parody election bid on Instagram and Twitter on July 5, just one day after her friend declared, very seriously, that he’s running for president against Trump and Biden. And she even has a fantastic campaign slogan already. “Make America Hot Again”. Did you expect anything less? The Simple Life alum tweeted, “PARIS FOR PRESIDENT,” adding the American flag, princess, and star emojis.

“I pledge to support the American workforce by wearing only American designers: @TheBlondsNY between Memorial Day and Labor Day, @aliceandolivia the rest of the year. Unless I wake up and the day is screaming for me to put on a bikini for my fellow Americans. Country first!” She elaborated on her campaign on her Facebook page with a hilarious photo — see it HERE.

Paris Hilton Caption
Paris Hilton/Facebook

First things first: she’s planning on painting the White House pink. Her campaign poster has “Paris for President” spelled out in the Barbie logo font, and features the star wearing a low cut, pink satin skirt suit, while carrying her chihuahua. Very Legally Blonde. “#PresidentParis. I like the sound of that. #ThatsHot #MakeAmericaHotAgain,” she captioned the post, adding plenty of star and heart emojis.

Paris is, obviously joking. Kanye is not. The rapper tweeted on Independence Day, “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” Kanye tweeted on July 4th. “I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.” He has yet to elaborate about his campaign plans, or reveal which party he’s running with. His announcement got a smattering of celebrity support, and plenty of mockery.

Paris Hilton Kanye West
Paris Hilton & Kanye West

John Stamos trolled the Yeezy designer on Instagram by announcing his own presidential campaign. He revealed campaign posters featuring himself and his Full House co-star, Bob Saget, the president to his VP. Bob’s all in. He commented, “That gives me comfort John. Love you so much and so looking forward to our two terms!!”

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, there’s still time to change that. You can register here on HollywoodLife by filling out the form below, courtesy of our friends at Rock The Vote:

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