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‘The Challenge’ Recap: [SPOILER] Loses Red Skull & Gets Sent Home In Double Elimination

The players were surprised with a DOUBLE elimination on the July 1 episode of 'The Challenge,' and by the end of the night, every player left in the game had a red skull.

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With the competition nearing the end on the July 1 episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, only two guys (Josh and Kyle) and one girl (Bayleigh) are left without a red skull. Without it, they won’t be able to run the final if they make it to the end of the game. Of course, all three players are eager to get into an elimination to try and win and earn that red skull.

Luckily, they’ll all have their chance, as it’s a double elimination week. For the weekly challenge, the players work as individuals to carry heavy pieces of rubbish down a long trail to deposit them into other players’ bins. Once that long, first round is over, the players then have to hold up their bins for as long as they can, so it’s a classic game of ‘screw your enemy.’ Certain players team up against each other, and in the end, Jenny wins for the girls and Fessy wins for the guys.


Fessy and Jenny then have to choose a third member to make up their tribunal. During the competition, Fessy had promised Cory that he’d pick him if Cory dropped out of the challenge. However, when the time comes to actually make the pick, Jenny convinces Fessy to let Josh get in the tribunal, so he can decide his own fate when it comes to going into the elimination.

aneesa jenny the challenge

Back at the bunker, the losers have to nominate a guy and a girl to go into elimination. Of course Kyle and Bayleigh waste no time nominating themselves, so they’re automatically going in. It’s no secret that Josh will be picking himself to go against Kyle. However, it’s a little trickier when it comes to the girls, as all the other women left already have a red skull, so there’s a lot to lose.

The tribunal chooses Melissa and Aneesa as Bayleigh’s potential opponents. Many of the guys in the house express concern about Aneesa making the final, as they’re worried that they’ll have to team up with females for certain legs of the race, and fear that Aneesa won’t be a good partner. In the end, this gets her voted into elimination against Bayleigh, while Josh volunteers to take on Kyle.

In the elimination challenge, the players have to tie a massive rope around and through a big car. Then, after time is up, they have to undo their opponent’s rope. Bayleigh pulls out the win for the girls, while Kyle wins for the guys, which means that Josh and Aneesa are eliminated. Now, all the players left in the game have red skulls, and they expect host TJ Lavin to tell them that the final is coming. However, it looks like the game will continue as usual next week, which means more red skulls are in jeopardy!